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quarta-feira, junho 05, 2013

U.N. Cold Shoulders International Day Against Homophobia
The 193-member U.N. General Assembly (UNGA), in its supreme wisdom, has declared over 100 commemorative "days" dedicated to peacekeepers, refugees, children, migrants, girl children, rural women and indigenous people, among others.And then there is also World Water Day, an International Day of Happiness, a World Day for Social Justice, World Tourism Day, International Day for Biodiversity and an International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Cross-dresser painter dedicates show to Lucy Meadows
Artist who lives nearby to where transgender primary school teacher Meadows lived and worked dedicates his exhibition to her memory and 'the message of acceptance'
Art show memorial to transgender Accrington teacher Lucy Meadows

Barton avoids ban for 'ladyboy' tweet
Joey Barton has been handed a two-match suspended ban for the barrage of insulting tweets he aimed at Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva, whom the Marseille midfielder described as "an overweight ladyboy".
Barton calls Silva 'overweight ladyboy,' gets two-match ban
Barton ban let-off

MK pushes gender-neutral ID cards
Bill seeks to ease discomfort for those whose sexual identity differs from their biological sex
New bill aims to scrap sex clause from ID cards

Ethiopia gay activists hope for change as death penalty being pushed
With an anti-gay organization announcing it is looking to follow Uganda and implement a “death to gays” legislation that would see the death penalty enacted against lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the country, activists in the country are hoping they can bring about acceptance before such measures are taken.

Police arrest homosexuals, medical tests prove they were practising sodomy
Alert police in Kapiri Mposhi have today arrested two men for allegedly practicing homosexuality.
ZANIS reports that Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu has confirmed the development in an interview in Kapiri Mposhi today.
Zambia sees growing intolerance of homosexuality

Transgender participation as Candidates in Elections is step forward
A delegation of Centre for Human Rights Education- Pakistan today (on May 6, 2013) called on Haji Saeed Nargis, Candidate for the National Assembly Constituency NA 151- Multan and appreciated Haji Nargis for contesting in the upcoming elections. The delegation consisted of Mr. Samson Salamat (Director of CHRE), Mr. Adhu Ram (General Secretary of CHRE), Mr. Naeem Haroon (Program Coordinator of CHRE) and Rana Irfan-ul-Islam (Alumni of CHRE).

Kids of transgenders, sex workers don’t need father’s name for school admissions in Maharashtra
Transgenders and those in the flesh trade will find it easier to educate their children. In order to make the admission process hassle-free for kids from such sections of the society, the state government has instructed schools not to insist on father's name and address proof for such children during school admissions under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. Last week, a government resolution to this effect was issued by the school education department.

Anti-gay coalition win election in Malaysia
Ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, who regularly support anti-gay policies, will return to government in Malaysia - but several vocally homophobic politicians lose their seats

LGBT anti-discrimination laws pass lower house
New legal protections for LGBTI Australians passed the Federal Lower House last week with a bill the government says will better protect Australians from discrimination.

Relief among Samoan fa’afafine at removal of impersonation crime
The president of the Samoa Fa’afafine Association says fa’afafine are relieved that it is no longer illegal to impersonate a woman.

Complaint dismissed in transgender case
A human rights complaint by a transgender woman in Fort Smith has been dismissed.

Transgender community uses bridal store backlash as chance to inform
Gender Equality Society of Saskatchewan starts petition to amend Human Rights Code

LGBT Pride Month (USA Department of State Press Statement)
The Department of State joins people around the world in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. Forty-four years after Stonewall, we see incredible progress in the fight to advance the human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBT people, both here in the United States and globally. Protecting universal human rights is at the very heart of our diplomacy, and we remain committed to advancing human rights for all, including LGBT individuals.

Police find Kayla Moore’s death due to drug overdose
The death of a transgender Berkeley resident who died while in police custody last February has been ruled as an accident resulting from a drug overdose.
New: Berkeley Police Say Transgender Woman's Death Was an Accident

Trans woman convicted of vandalism, ordered to stay away from Divas club
A San Francisco Superior Court judge today (Friday, May 3) ordered a transgender woman to stay away from Divas nightclub, about a week after a jury found her guilty of vandalizing the Nob Hill venue’s door.

Smith Clarifies Position on Transgender Applicants
Smith College has been receiving criticism over reports (not confirmed by the college) that a transgender applicant was rejected (although some of those reports suggest that the prospective student's application was returned for more information and not rejected).

AIDS Center's Patients Told Not to Use Building's Main Entrance
A top civil rights lawyer plans to represent a group of people living with HIV who claim the city's largest AIDS organization is discriminating against them by forcing them to use a separate entrance to their offices from other visitors.

Memorial Plans Scheduled for Victim Found in Pond
An arrest was made Saturday in the murder of a member of the transgender community found dead in an Olmsted Township pond last month.

Red Lion, ACLU still talking about trangender student's requests
Red Lion Area School District and the American Civil Liberties Union are still in discussions regarding a transgender high school senior's graduation requests.

Senadores ingresarán proyecto de ley de identidad de género de la Organización de Transexuales OTD
Este martes 7 de mayo, cinco senadores/as ingresarán el proyecto de ley creado por la Organización de Transexuales OTD para que el Estado reconozca la identidad de género de las personas Trans.

Quedó inaugurada la primera cooperativa transexual de Mendoza
La idea es garantizar a miembros de este colectivo el acceso al mundo laboral. Por el momento trabajan doce personas que se dedican a la confección textil.