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domingo, junho 09, 2013

Campaigners want sex changing rooms at gym
Equality groups want all new gyms and pools to include the facilities to stop sex-swap Scots feeling embarrassed.

PN should apologise over Joanne Cassar case, minister insists
The Nationalist Party MPs who backed the previous government to appeal a court ruling guaranteeing a transsexual woman’s right to marry should apologise for the undue suffering caused by that illogical decision, according to Foreign Minister George Vella.

St. Petersburg rejects move to lift ban on gay 'propaganda'
Legislators of St. Petersburg parliament have rejected an attempt to repeal a law that bans so-called 'propaganda' of homosexuality

Hope for gender disorder victims as stakeholders meet
The Wednesday meeting will constitute a technical working committee to help the board draw up guidelines to be forwarded to the Attorney General’s office. Currently, doctors are prohibited from performing gender change operations.

Transgender bill in Canadian Senate will open door to normalizing pedophilia, women’s org warns
As the transgendered bill C-279 makes its way through the Senate, having passed second reading last week, a leading women’s organization is warning the country that passage of the bill would open a Pandora’s box eventually leading to the normalization of “problematic sexual activities, including pedophilia”.

LGBT-inclusive education reform bill introduced in Senate
The lead Democrat on education issues in the U.S. Senate introduced on Tuesday an education reform bill that includes provisions aimed at prohibiting bullying and discrimination of LGBT students.

Transgender Latinos In America: Shocking Statistics Reveal What Life Is Like
After working his shift at Eva Longoria's restaurant, Víctor Diego, a barista in "Beso," was meeting some friends but he never made it. As he was walking towards the Metro station on Hollywood Boulevard he was attacked by a group of men who left him with two fractured ribs, a shattered cheekbone and a broken jaw.

NCAVP report: 2012 hate violence disproportionately target transgender women of color
2012 saw the 4th highest murder rate of LGBTQ and HIV-affected people (LGBTQH) in history, according to the annual Hate Violence Report released by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP). The report analyzes statistics collected in 18 states about survivors and victims' age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and type of violence experienced in order to track trends in the violence directed at the LGBTQH community.

2012 Report on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and HIV-Affected Hate Violence
NCAVP's 2012 report on hate violence against LGBTQ and HIV-affected people in the United States was released today, June 4, 2013.

‘A Broken Bargain’ Report on Workplace Discrimination Released by Leading LGBT Organizations
The National Center for Transgender Equality joins a group of national LGBT equality and labor organizations to release a groundbreaking report, Broken Bargain: Discrimination, Fewer Benefits and More Taxes for LGBT Workers. The new report is the most up to date publication on the LGBT workforce revealing:
A Broken Bargain

HRC Study Reveals Ongoing Discrimination Against LGBT Workers
A report released by HRC and other nonprofits reveals the substantial hurdles still faced by LGBT workers and their families.

Arizona Transgender Bathroom Bill Won't Move
The sponsor of an Arizona bill targeting transgendered people who want to use bathrooms of the gender they identify with says he's giving up on the issue this Legislative session.
Transgender bathroom bill stalled
Arizona bill targeting transgender people temporarily shelved

Reporting Accurately on Los Angeles Attack: Victim Tells LAPD Preferred Name and Pronouns
Last Thursday evening, a 22-year-old person of color was brutally attacked in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. While previous information regarding the victim's gender identity was unclear, the Los Angeles Police Department has now clarified that the victim's name is Vivian and she uses female pronouns. At this point, the victim's preferred last name has not been released.

Man Pleads Not Guilty To San Francisco Attack On Transgender Woman
A man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault and hate crime charges in connection with an attack on a transgender woman in San Francisco’s Mission District early Monday morning.

Gender Identity Bill in Delaware Recieves Big Endorsements
In the last week Equality Delaware has announced two major endorsements in the effort to include gender identity into Delaware’s nondiscrimination and hate crimes laws.
Delaware transgender discrimination bill up for vote in Senate
Lawmakers debate gender identity non-discrimination bill
Transgender anti-discrimination bill advances in Senate
Bill outlawing discrimination against transgender people gets hearing in Del. legislature

Coeur d'Alene adopts law banning discrimination vs. gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender
Coeur d'Alene has become the fifth city in Idaho to pass a law that bans discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Coeur d'Alene Council Votes 5-1 to Add the Words
“Start in Your Own Backyard”: Coeur d’Alene Is Fifth Idaho City to Pass Non-Discrimination Ordinance
Ordinance ordained

Red Lion won't bend on transgender grad's name
Transgender graduating senior Issak Wolfe's name won't be announced at Red Lion Area High School graduation on Friday as he requested. The district has informed the American Civil Liberties Union that Wolfe's legal name, Sierra Stambaugh, will be read instead, according to ACLU attorney Molly Tack-Hooper.