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sexta-feira, junho 27, 2014

Friends of deceased transgender person relieved after suspect enters guilty plea
Friends of a transgender person violently killed two years ago in New Westminster say they are relieved they don’t have to be put through a long and drawn-out trial.

US school adopts anti-discrimination bathroom policy for trans students
Students at Atherton High School are now allowed to use whatever bathroom in which they feel the most comfortable

Trans woman stages protest outside McDonald’s after female toilets ban
A trans woman has staged a protest outside a McDonald’s in Richmond, Virginia, after she was told she could not use the female toilets.

Trans woman found murdered in Baltimore
A transgender woman has been found murdered in a field in Maryland.
Murdered transgender woman was ‘fun-loving, caring person’

Maryland district court allows transgender bias suit to go forward
The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland recently held that a retired U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) officer can pursue her sex discrimination lawsuit against Howard County for rejecting her application to serve on a mounted horse patrol.

Cleveland man charged in fatal shooting of transgender woman
Police have charged a Cleveland man with murder in connection with the fatal December shooting of a 22-year-old transgender woman.

Miles participan de la parada de Orgullo LGBTT en Boquerón
Aunque este año la Parada de Orgullo de la comunidad LGBTT en Boquerón pareció ser más concurrida que años anteriores, todavía existe el temor de muchos integrantes de esta comunidad a exponerse ante el mundo.