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quinta-feira, julho 03, 2014

Transexual agredida em Valencia durante o dia do Orgulho
No passado dia 29, uma mulher transexual foi arrastada durante uns 20 metros por um veículo após ter sido insultada.

Charity praises Imperial College London for commitment to trans issues
The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) has praised Imperial College London for the university’s work in combating discrimination and prejudice against the trans community, in its first endorsement of a British university.

Obama anuncia ordem executiva sobre identidade de género
O Presidente norte-americano Barack Obama anunciou no dia 30 de junho que a Casa Branca está a preparar uma ordem executiva para banir a discriminação com base na identidade de género entre os trabalhadores federais.
Labor Department Clarifies Stance on Trans Protections
The Department of Labor’s New Transgender Guidance!
Dept. of Labor Affirms Trans Discrimination Protections
Labor Dept. to protect trans employees under current policy
Labor Department will protect transgender workers from discrimination
President Obama To Sign LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order
Obama Announces New Executive Order
Obama announces executive order protecting transgender federal employees

Soccer’s Fa’afafine Superstar
Jayiah Saelua plays soccer for American Samoa’s national men’s squad, but unlike her teammates, she’s as comfortable in pointe shoes as she is in cleats.

Transgender Californians Celebrate Streamlined Name & Gender Changes
The final piece of Assembly Bill 1121 (AB 1121) goes into effect today. AB 1121 was a 2013 California bill sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, and authored by Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego). It was signed into law by Governor Brown in October 2013.
Changing Birth Certificates Now Easier for Transgender People

Former Conn. Police Officer Alleges Antitransgender Discrimination
Two years after coming out as transgender, a police officer loses her job and alleges discrimination.

North Austin Store Accused Of Being Transphobic
An Austin woman fights back after she says she was humiliated at a lingerie store. Kylie Jack's story has enraged the transgender community.
Austin transwoman denied service at lingerie shop

San Antonio’s Transgender Community Shows its Pride
Despite the common belief that it was transgender activist Sylvia Rivera who sparked the beginning of the modern gay rights movement by flinging her high heel shoe at the cops during a 1969 police raid of the now-famed Stonewall Inn, the transgender community has clung to the letter “T” in the backseat of the “LGB” tour bus of gay history. However, as San Antonio prepares for its annual LGBT Pride celebration, there seems to be a luminous feeling of promise that legislation of late may finally result in real-time recognition and long-awaited social change for gender expression.

Transgender woman, Vanessa Champagne, is charged and behind bars
Vanessa Paris Champagne is causing another quandary, but this time, she is behind bars. And it is because it is not clear if the transgender woman should be placed in the female or the male block of the Belize Central Prison. Champagne, who has been attacked more than once, was today before the court to answer to a single charge of aggravated assault with a knife upon Golda Orozco, the sister of UNIBAM Director, Caleb Orozco.

During World Cup, GLAAD calls for news coverage of anti-trans violence in Brazil
With the media flocking to cover news aside from the World Cup in Brazil, news outlets and publications would do well to keep in mind the brutal situation for transgender individuals in the Roman Catholic nation.