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sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2014

Scottish leaders outline position on LGBT equality ahead of independence vote
The leaders of the main political parties in Scotland have outlined their party’s commitments to advancing LGBT rights regarding each potential outcome of the independence referendum.
Scottish Labour leader: Independence would diminish equality in Scotland

Government objects to SC empowering third gender
n a precarious position over its stand on the LGBT community, the NDA government has moved the Supreme Court, raising several objections against the historic April 15 judgment that granted constitutional recognition to transgenders as a third gender and gave them the right to have a family.

Survey: Landmark survey finds hundreds of children with gender identity disorder
Most children in Japan between the ages of 6 to 18 who admit to having gender identity disorder receive some sort of special gender support from their schools, a landmark study shows.

WATCH: Toronto School Board Member Tongue-Tied Over Transphobic Tweets
A Toronto School Board member was struck dumb when a local reporter asked him about his tweets claiming he 'reserved the right' to believe that trans people don't exist and may or may not be mentally ill.

STUDY: Voter ID Laws in 10 States May Disenfranchise Transgender Citizens
This November, thousands of trans people in ten Southern and Midwestern U.S. states will face strict photo ID laws that may bar them from voting.

25-Year Sentence For Man Who Beat, Robbed Transgender Prostitute
A 23-year-old man who orchestrated the brutal sexual attack and robbery of a transgender woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Following the sentencing, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said, "Several decades ago, a case like this one may not have gone to trial, but today’s sentencing and the convictions of these defendants represent a significant step towards obtaining justice for all crime victims, regardless of background."

International transgender model visits Vermont for Pride Week
Becoming an acclaimed fashion model is not easy, but for Phillipina model Geena Rocero there were a few extra hurdles along the way. The international model risked her career to reveal a secret on a motivational speaker series called Ted Talks.

Beloit, Janesville schools adopt transgender rules
Last night, Beloit's school district became the latest district in Wisconsin to approve new rights for transgender students. It's a trend sweeping the state.