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domingo, outubro 19, 2014

La lucha por la despatologización de la transexualidad celebra su día
Este sábado celebramos de nuevo el Día Mundial por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad. Una reivindicación nacida desde los sectores más a la vanguardia del activismo LGTB, y que con el paso del tiempo ha sido asumida por todo el movimiento y comienza a abrirse paso a nivel institucional. Pero aún queda mucho por conseguir.

Preso em Aquidauana homem suspeito de matar travesti em Camapuã
Crime ocorreu no dia 23 de janeiro de 2013, na localidade conhecida por “Curva do Catito”, saída para a cidade de Chapadão do Sul.

Homossexual é encontrado morto vítima da homofobia
Moradores da Rua Leônidas, loteamento Bairro Novo, Jorge Teixeira, encontraram na manhã desta quinta-feira, 16, o corpo de um homem em um terreno baldio, próximo ao Pavão Materiais de Construção.

Vidéo: Hélène Hazera et Sophie Labelle sur la situation des trans’ en France et au Québec
À la veille de l'Existrans, TV5 Monde a donné la parole à la militante et à l'auteure de livres jeunesse sur les discriminations et les violences dont sont encore victimes les personnes trans'.

US ‘will ensure justice is served’ after Marine charged with murder of trans woman
The US Military says it will comply with a subpoena, after a Marine was charged with the murder of a transgender woman.

Senator Plett against transgender rights bill
A local Conservative senator has been at the forefront of a vocal opposition to a transgender rights bill meant to give equal rights to the minority group.

'My soul is male': Charice reveals her gender identity after Oprah quizzes the Glee star about sexual reassignment
She came out as a lesbian in 2013.
And now Charice Pampengco has revealed her gender identity is male on an upcoming episode of Oprah Winfrey's Where Are They Now.
After the chat show host asked the Glee star point blank about a possible sex change, the 22-year-old replied 'my soul is like male'.

Health Department Now Ready to Ease Transgender Birth Certificate Changes
In a decisive reversal of its position from eight years ago, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is prepared to reform its regulations regarding amendments to birth certificates so that transgender people born here can change the gender designation on that record without providing proof of transition surgery.

School police officer suing school district after changing sex
A Clark County School District police officer is suing the school district saying that he was humiliated and ridiculed and passed over for promotions all because the female officer changed genders and began living as a man.

Male students dressed like female celebs told to go home
When administrators at White Pass Jr. Sr. High School in Randle, Washington, asked students to dress up as their favorite celebrities for Spirit Week, Mason Mudge and Chandler Krueger did just that.
Students punished for dressing like girls for Spirit Week