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domingo, outubro 05, 2014

Primary school introduces unisex loos - to prevent prejudice against transsexual people
Some parents have aired their disappointment over the move, saying they weren't consulted before the changes took place

From Blues to Rainbows: Australian trans and gender diverse youth research released
Studies investigating health and wellbeing of transgender people have typically been conducted in medical environments such as gender clinics and through sexual health centres. This study set out to recruit the broadest possible community sample by using a range of recruitment techniques and an online survey. This methodology provides an opportunity for participants to protect their identity, and reduces fear of discovery or being ‘outed’ in terms of their non-conforming gender identity or feelings.

8-year-old transgender girl says she is repeatedly bullied by school parent
In Winnipeg, the parents of a transgender girl have said their whole family are the target of transphobic bullying from a parent at her school.

Kate Von Roeder Death: Transgender Woman Leaves Heartbreaking Suicide Note On Facebook
Kate von Roeder purchased a shotgun last week and began posting cryptic countdowns to her Facebook page, and on Thursday she followed through with plans she said had been made for a long time.
This week, the California woman posted on Facebook a long suicide note before taking her life. In the note, she explained that pressures of living as a trans woman.

Vigil Held For Transgender Woman Killed In East Hollywood
Less than 48 hours after a transgender woman fatally shot, members of an East Hollywood community gathered for a vigil.
Disturbing Camera Footage Offers Leads In Transgender Killing

Amid deluge of reaction, High School League tables plan for transgender athletes
State board supports intent, but wants to refine policy.
Minnesota high school league transgender vote postponed
MSHSL Tables Transgender Student-Athlete Policy Vote
Facing pressure from anti-LGBT groups, Minnesota league tables trans-inclusive policy
Minnesota League tables trans-inclusive policy under mounting opposition
Vote on high school transgender athlete policy delayed
High school league puts transgender athlete policy on hold

Transgender couple married in Mississippi criticized
Newlyweds Nick and Jessica Fulgham of Olive Branch did what many newly married couples do after getting hitched: They posted a picture of their marriage license on Facebook.

Lily McBeth, a Focal Figure for Transgender Rights, Dies at 80
After a career selling medical supplies, William McBeth retired to a seaside New Jersey community, where he was hired as a substitute elementary schoolteacher. He had always felt that he was at least as much female as male, and in 2005, at age 70, he had a sex-change operation.

Man sentenced in murder of Cleveland transgender woman after guilty plea
A 20-year-old man could spend life in prison after he pleaded guilty Friday to the December slaying of a transgender woman outside a West Side public housing complex.
Ohio man sentenced to 18 years to life for murder of transgender woman

State police will track anti-bias incidents in 2015
Beginning next year, Pennsylvania state police will track bias incidents directed specifically against transgender individuals, an agency spokesperson said last week.

"Lanata sin filtro" difundirá la Ley de Identidad de Género
Así lo resolvieron las autoridades de Radio Mitre, por las denuncias que recibió la Defensoría del Público, después de que el periodista de burló de la sexualidad de Flor de la V en su programa de radio. También invitarán a los empleados de la emisora a cursos sobre género y discriminación.