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sábado, setembro 20, 2014

The Strange Case of An 18th-Century Sex Change Surgery
A chance discovery leads to one of the earliest known instances of the operation

First transgender news anchor says she's rid of her demons
Padmini Prakash, a 31-year-old transgender from Coimbatore, says she's freed herself from her social and personal demons.

Final draft of transgender policy ready
Departments, however, are yet to respond to it

Getting voter card still a distant dream for many transgenders in Maharashtra
Voter registration continues to be an uphill task for thousands of transgenders living across Maharashtra. Going by the latest figures, only 10% transgenders have registered with the election commission. According to latest figures released by the poll panel, 1,071 transgenders have enrolled as voters so far.

Model filial son kept double life a secret
Liu Ting, 28, was once declared a model son - a boy who had been taking good care of his sick mother, even carrying her on his back when he went to college.
But the winner of China's top honor for his moral uprightness was secretly considering suicide.
While traditional Chinese culture upholds filial piety, it frowns on transsexualism.

Trans teen humiliated by Woolworths’ staff
A Wollongong transgender teenager faced ridicule by a Woolworths’ staff member after being asked to present a driver’s licence in order to purchase cigarettes.

Consider College Options Carefully as a Transgender Student
Prospective students should ask if a campus has gender-neutral bathrooms and an LGBT center, experts say.

White House continues to back ENDA discharge petition
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Thursday the administration continues to back a discharge petition to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but wouldn’t articulate whether President Obama supports a narrowed religious exemption for the bill.
[Susan Davis moves to force House vote on ENDA, emphasizes importance of transgender protections

Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter
Black Trans* Women’s Lives Matter is holding a vigil and ‘call for peace’ outside the Congressional Black Caucus Conference to honor the Black and Latina women murdered in 2014 and to draw attention to this ongoing epidemic.

Trans* woman claims self-defense in case
Like any 22-year-old growing up in a country that has historically prided itself on opportunities available to all, Eisha Love had dreams. On a website, she showcased photographs of herself, saying she was looking to get a start in life. "I am a hard worker and a fast learner," she wrote. "I know I was born to model."

MN trans community battles barriers to survival
To judge by popular culture, it might appear that transgender people are finally gaining acceptance in mainstream society. Laverne Cox, known for her role in the Netflix drama “Orange is the New Black,” recently made the cover of Time magazine, next to the headline “the transgender tipping point.”

State board adds gender identity to proposed anti-bias rules
A state licensing board added gender identity to proposed anti-discrimination rules after hearing support for the change from mental health professionals and two transgender people Thursday.

Commissioners pass antidiscrimination personnel policy
The Otero County Commission on Tuesday amended the county's personnel policy to include state and federally protected classifications regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and other items.

NGLTF calls for Morris probe
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the oldest national organization advocating for the LGBT community, is calling for a state probe of the Nizah Morris case.

[Puerto Rico]
Se asoma pugna por cambio de sexo en certificados
Representante denuncia que presentaron una medida en la Cámara que autoriza cambiar el sexo en certificado de nacimiento