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sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2014

Advancing Trans* Movements Worldwide
Lessons from a Dialogue between Funders & Activists Working on Gender Diversity

Homossexual é assassinado com disparo na cabeça na capital
Na manhã desta Quarta-feira (17), o homossexual foi encontrado assassinado com disparo de arma de fogo na cabeça na Ponte do Baralho no lado de João pessoa O mesmo estava com o cabelo cortado dentro de uma sacola e enchimentos de seios ao lado da vítima, o mesmo ate final da reportagem não possuía nenhuma identificação aparentando ter 16 anos de idade.

Revista chama Deena Love de "traveca" e internautas reagem contra transfobia
Pela primeira vez na história do programa The Voice Brasil (Globo) uma drag queen se apresentou e foi um dos grandes destaques da reestreia, emocionando os jurados.
A apresentação repercutiu nas redes sociais em diversas páginas de entretenimento, e principalmente entre as pessoas LGBT e artistas drags.

Gender Recognition Legislation to be published before the end of this year
Yesterday (17th September), the Government announced that Gender Recognition Legislation would be among legislation to be published before the end of 2014.
Broden Giambrone, Chief Executive of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), welcomed the news.
Gender recognition bill to be published ‘by end of the year’

HSE foots €1.5m bill for sex-change ops
The Health Service Executive (HSE) has paid for at least 49 patients to undergo sex-change operations abroad, at a cost to the taxpayer of around €1.5m.

Greek hate speech law extended to cover gender identity
Last week, Greek lawmakers voted to include gender identity among the grounds coved by its hate speech law.

Michelle Demishevich, first and only Turkish Transgender TV reporter fired for red lip stick
Michelle Demishevich was fired yesterday after experiencing discrimination at her job as Turkey’s first and presently only transgender reporter. But according to LGBT Turkey she wasn’t fired becuse of her trans status.

“Turns out I had to pay off the state to be a whore”
Excerpt: "Then, a close friend of mine arranged for me to start interning at a five-star hotel. During my internship, both the hotel clients and the staff harassed me incessantly. People kept offering sexual relations in a way that could be considered harassment. That’s when I understood that if you are a trans individual, you have to be a sex worker. If you are employed in other lines of work, you will be harassed much more so than cis women. People see you as a potential sex doll. When men get boners, they see you like sex dolls they could use to satisfy themselves.”

Modeling her way to transcending societal norms
When you meet Anjali Lama, the first thing you notice about her is her tall stature, slim figure and well-defined facial structure further flattered by long straight tresses.

Albion Park transgender teen 'ridiculed' by Woolies staff
An Albion Park transgender teen was left disgusted by supermarket staff on Monday who laughed at him because he no longer resembled a licence photo taken before his gender transition.

Canadian Hockey Opens Doors for Young Trans Players
The governing body for amateur hockey in Canada has made its policies more welcoming for transgender players.

Facebook Warns Drag Queens They Will Delete Every Profile In Two Weeks
The world’s largest social network has decided to move forward with deleting all LGBT Facebook profiles who do not change their personal profile names to their legal names during a two week grace period.
Facebook rebuffs drag queens on name policy

Transgender Girl Found In Hartford After Escaping From Therapy Program
The transgender teenager whose transfer to an adult prison made national news slipped away Tuesday from a therapy program at Hartford's Institute of Living after being transported there from a secure youth facility by the Department of Children and Families.
Conn. Trans Teen Jane Doe Found After Escaping Therapy Program

Buford Highway bar kicks out trans woman
A Buford Highway club that denied entry to a transgender woman on Friday compared LGBT people to goats and says it banned the woman for her own safety.

OWS transgender protester sues cops over ‘unconstitutional’ arrest
A Massachusetts man claims he was mistreated and humiliated by cops after being arrested during a 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest on the Brooklyn Bridge – all because he’s transgender.