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domingo, setembro 14, 2014

Travestis relatam ameaça e cobrança de 'diária' para fazer programa sexual
Grupo que trabalha no Centro de Piracicaba (SP) fez boletim de ocorrência.
Homem ameaçou matar as vítimas caso não recebesse R$ 40 de cada uma.

X in Passports and New Trans Law Work
We have learned from Danish trans people that the reformed gender recognition procedure actually works also in practice. In addition to the much-celebrated removal of any medical requirements in gender recognition, the already previously existent possibility of a gender marker X in the passport is now also available upon application, without approval from the Gender Clinic.

PRESS RELEASE: “Gender identity is included in the new Anti-Racist Law
Greek Transgender Support Association (G.T.S.A.) a recognized NGO that supports the rights of the trans community, is stating its satisfaction for the adoption of the so-called “anti-racism” law in the Greek Legal System which includes gender identity in the definition of violence or hatred instigated crimes.

Calcutta high court drops rape charge against intersex Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik
The Asian Games gold medalist was accused by her live-in partner of rape and impersonating a man in 2012

India government asks Supreme Court to clarify pro-trans ruling
The government says transgender rights should not be extended to gay people
Why Modi Govt objects to SC ruling on Transgender rights: Explained

Transgender Raped by Police Seeks Justice, Community Upset with Modi Government
The transgender community, which has been seeking justice for a rape victim, has expressed disappointment at Narendra Modi-led NDA government's move demanding clarification from Supreme Court on its decision to give third gender recognition to transgenders.
Transgender raped by cops fights for justice

Fallon Fox to fight Tamika Brents Saturday night
Fallon Fox, the history-making trans MMA fighter who came out last year, takes to the ring this Saturday, Sept. 13, in a Capital City Cage Wars match. She will be fighting against Tamika Brents, who has had a thing or two to say about Fox in the past.

Hollywood homophobia: Study finds that LGBTI actors still face discrimination
Both gay and non-gay actors report hearing homophobia on set and think that the entertainment industry still has a problem casting gay actors in straight roles

Facebook is under fire from gay and transgender users who are being forced to use real names
There have been multiple reports that Facebook is forcing gay and transgender users to use their legal names instead of their online personas or chosen names, as part of a crackdown on pseudonyms, despite the danger this poses to some users
SF Supervisor Calls For Facebook To Meet With Drag Queens Over Profile Restrictions
Facebook Cracking Down On Fake Names On User Profiles

Transgender Homecoming Princess crowned at Sand Creek High
A historic homecoming vote. Sand Creek High School students voted in possibly the first transgender Homecoming royalty in Southern Colorado.
Transgender girl wins bid for homecoming princess at Colorado Springs high school amid concerns

Discrimination in health care industry common for transgender people
Jamy Rae Zubich-Hanson wrote her graduate-school paper about developing clinical competency for mental health professionals who want the expertise to serve transgender patients.

Adelie Bergstrom: She still models, as woman now
Successful Australian male model Andrej Pejic publicly announced a name change in July.
Pejic became a transgender woman named Andreja after gender reassignment surgery.
Pejic now plans to model only female clothes and has already increased her advocacy on behalf of other transgender individuals.
Former Rochester resident Adelie Bergstrom, 31, of Duluth, also used to model as a man.

Gay men in Suriname accuse police of assault and mistreatment
Police Commissioner Humphrey Tjin has ordered an investigation into media reports that a number of gay prostitutes were assaulted by police officers earlier this week.
The bi-weekly De Ware Tijd newspaper reported that two gay men, reportedly from Guyana, were assaulted by three police officers close to a police station in the city.
The story in the newspaper is accompanied by a full face picture of a heavy made up man dressed in female clothing and wearing a wig.