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domingo, setembro 28, 2014

UN Human Rights Council condemns violence and discrimination against LGBTI people
After surviving a total of seven hostile amendments from Egypt, resolution passes 21-16 with seven abstentions

"Você quer ser mulher? Então vai apanhar como mulher", dizem agressores a Gabe
Depois do segundo ataque que sofre este ano, o garoto de 19 anos, morador do bairro de Interlagos, em São Paulo, conta que não passa um dia sem que alguém mexa com ele na rua

Amazon's 'Transparent' Is This Year's Best New Show, And Everyone Should Watch It Right Now
The urge to define Amazon’s newest original series, “Transparent,” as just a show about a transgender parent coming out to her family is strong, but maybe also misplaced. The series is about a father, Mort, transitioning to a woman, Maura, and while "Transparent" deals with the struggles and complications of being trans in today’s society, it also has so much more ground to cover.
Amazon's Transparent Is Great Television in Transition
How Netflix and Amazon became leaders in humane portrayals of transgender characters
'Transparent' is all about openness, and secrets
Transparent’ captures a family in transition
In ‘Transparent,’ Jill Soloway argues that transgender rights are women’s rights
Meet Two of the Trans Minds Behind the Groundbreaking New Show 'Transparent'
Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor tells Gay Star News: 'The (trans) revolution is here and it needs to keep going'

'I'm A Guy' Documents A Transgender Man Who Doesn't Want Medical Intervention
What does it mean to identify as transgender, but not want to surgically or medically alter your body -- or ever "pass" as your self-identified gender?
Nothing, besides the fact that you are transgender.

Federal Agency Files Landmark Lawsuits Against Transgender Discrimination
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed two federal lawsuits alleging employers in Florida and Michigan broke the law when each fired a transgender woman.

Trans activists to hold vigil outside Black Caucus conference
A campaign called Black Trans Women’s Lives Matter is holding a vigil and “call for peace” at 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, outside D.C.’s Walter Washington Convention Center, where the Congressional Black Caucus is holding its annual Washington conference.

Lakeland woman part of historic transgender civil rights lawsuit
A Lakeland woman is filing an historic lawsuit, saying she was wrongly fired after her employer found out she was transitioning from male to female.
Transgender woman suing former employer for discrimination

Transgender Inmate Can't Sue Over Sexual Assault
A transgender who was sexually assaulted in the Orange County jail failed to prove that the county deliberately risked her safety, a federal judge ruled.

A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked In A Cell With Her Rapist
In a lawsuit, Zahara Green says she was wrongly placed in a men’s prison — and when she asked for protective custody, found herself sharing a cell with the inmate who had been abusing her.