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terça-feira, fevereiro 24, 2015

SANTA SÉ: Papa compara pessoas trans a armas nucleares
As declarações foram feitas num livro publicado em Itália

Couple who met as women five years ago set to marry as gay men after undergoing sex change surgery
Finlay Games and Drew Bushnell, previously known as Abbie and Kate, plan to have a spiritual wedding in Glasgow in two years time after Finlay's last gender reassignment operation.

Transition nation
WHEN you fill in a form in this country, there are usually only two tick-boxes for gender: male or female.

Trans portuguesa detida no Dubai “por estar disfarçada de mulher”
Um tribunal do Dubai ordenou a detenção de duas mulheres transexuais, umas portugueses a outra espanhola, por estarem “disfarçadas de mulheres e por entrarem num lugar restrito apenas a mulheres.

[New Zealand]
Violence claims met with surprise
The manager of the Auckland Pride Festival Glamstand is firmly denying allegations she assaulted protestors.
Statement: No Pride in Prisons explains
Protest action unacceptable says Ritchie
A witness account of the Pride protest
Parade director disappointed by protest
Claims of police brutality 'unfounded'

How to transcend transphobia
Discrimination against trans people begins before they’re even born, says Danielle Araya.

When my friend John became Jennifer
I picked up the phone and heard a vaguely familiar voice on the line.
“It’s Jennifer,” said the caller.
“Jennifer who?” I asked.
Pause. The high-pitched voice dropped several octaves. “You used to know me as John.”

Defense Secretary Carter: Transgender People Shouldn't Be Denied Military Service
New Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Sunday that transgender people shouldn't be prevented from serving in the U.S. military solely based on their gender identity, noting it should not "preclude" them from service.
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter comments on transgender service
New defense secretary expresses openness toward transgender troops

Pritzker's foundation funds trans oral history project
Chicago-based Tawani Foundation has generously awarded a major multi-year grant to the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies at the University of Minnesota Libraries for the purpose of documenting the historic and contemporary experience of transgender individuals in the Upper Midwest.

RAISING ZAY: A family's journey with a transgender child
The more science learns, the more medicine can help. Cincinnati has helped lead the nation in transgender children's health.