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sexta-feira, fevereiro 13, 2015

Sex change man to marry childhood friend who he first came out to as she bears his first child
A SEX change patient will marry the childhood friend he first revealed his gender identity crisis to 10 years ago.
Sean Horton, 25, is entering the final stages of a sex change and is to marry Toni Harper, 22, four weeks before their first child is born.
Sean was friend with Toni when he was known as Sian, and has gone from teenage girl to fully developed man through five years of hormone treatment and surgery

British Clinic: Young Trans Patients Have Increased Five-Fold in Four Years
As trans youth become open and comfortable with their identities at younger ages, health trends may see positive changes, reports a London health clinic.

Emily Brothers calls for stronger press regulation in Cambridge Union speech
Labour’s first out trans Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Emily Brothers spoke passionately about her journey at the Cambridge Union, and told PinkNews she thought trans issues are the “new frontier of equality”.

‘I’m leaving town to escape transgender hate crimes’
A transgender woman has told how she has swapped her life in St Helens for Liverpool, because it is “more tolerant”.
Alison Stokes, who was born Andrew Stokes, claims she has frequently suffered harassment from neighbours and members of the public in St Helens – simply because of who she is.

UK trans detainee called 'the thing' and 'it' by officer
Her Majesty's Inspector of Prisons was 'disturbed' by the incident

20/11/2014 Transsexual refused sex change operation by NHS slit throat after cutting off own genitals
An inquest has heard how tormented Jonathan Lees-Ford, known as Lady Angel Seraphim Angel, wanted a sex change operation but was deemed mentally unfit
A tormented transsexual woman who felt trapped in the wrong body slit her own throat and died - six years after she cut off her own penis, an inquest heard.
Jonathan Lees-Ford, 36, known to friends as Lady Angel Seraphim-Angel, tried to get a sex change operation on the NHS but was deemed mentally unfit.
At the age of 30, Angel bought an anaesthetic from the internet and castrated herself at home with a scalpel and six months later she removed her penis.
Transsexual Jonathan Lees-Ford - known as Lady Angel Seraphim-Angel cuts throat after sex-castration: Inquest

Two families, two funerals: Trans Angels make up a new family
Trans Angels, a solidarity group among trans women in Turkey, took action following the death of two trans women in last two weeks. Hande Oncu, who left Turkey because of transphobia for Vienna, was killed in a hate crime on January 26. Another trans woman, Madonna, lost her life due to ill-health in the western city of Izmir on February 5. Oyku Ay, the leading figure of Trans Angels, told how they claimed the funerals and stood together.

[New Zealand]
Corrections march seen as positive step
A transgender rights campaigner who was integral in the charge for change in prisons is welcoming news Corrections will march in Auckland Pride Parade.

Laverne Cox cast as transgender lawyer in CBS legal drama pilot
“Orange Is The New Black” star Laverne Cox, who was the first openly transgender actor to be nominated for an Emmy in 2014, has been cast in CBS’s legal drama pilot “Doubt.”

Trans advocates divided over impact of Bruce Jenner transition
Transgender rights supporters remain divided over whether the speculation around former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner’s reported transition from a man to a woman will have a positive impact on the trans community.

Military approves hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning
In a first for the Army, Chelsea Manning, the convicted national-security secrets leaker, has been approved for hormone therapy for transition to a woman at the Army's Fort Leavenworth prison, according to a memo obtained Thursday by USA TODAY.
Report: The US military just approved hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning

Transgender student claims discrimination by high school
A Central High School student who is a transgender person says his bathroom accommodations and discrimination caused him to drop out of school last month.

San Francisco city council honors five trans women killed in last month
A group of San Francisco city supervisors on Tuesday spent close to 20 minutes honoring a transgender woman who was killed last week—an incredible show of public support at a time when multiple recent killings have shaken the trans community.

Trans stabbing victim mourned at rally
Dozens took part in a "die-in" outside San Francisco City Hall Tuesday at a rally attended by more than 200 people as police continue their investigation into the stabbing death of a Latina transgender woman in the Bayview neighborhood.

ACLU-Kansas calls Gov. Brownback’s rescinding of anti-discrimination executive order a step backward
Yesterday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback rescinded an executive order that prohibited discrimination against most state employees on the basis of sexual orientation – a move that the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas (ACLU-Kansas) deemed as a step backwards for civil rights in Kansas.
Brownback's Order On LGBT State Workers Triggers Outrage And Fear
Kansas Governor Takes Mean-Spirited Swipe At Gay Rights, Forgets To Read The Constitution
BREAKING: Governor Brownback Cancels LGBT State Employee Protections

Gender-neutral restrooms open in Heskett
Prior to this semester, transgender students at Wichita State were stuck in a dilemma at the Heskett Center: to shower in the male or female locker rooms?

Transgender students in Hopkins Co. petitioning for equal rights
Transgender students in Hopkins County are demanding equal rights at not only the county schools, but across the state.

NOPD: Gender not a factor in killing of transgender woman in Treme
A transgender woman fatally shot this week in Treme appears to have been the victim of a deadly robbery involving two young men, both of whom remain at large, New Orleans police said Wednesday.

Prominent transgender woman to run against Hoyer
Kristin Beck, a former Navy SEAL who gained attention in 2013 when she came out as a transgender woman, will mount a primary challenge to Rep. Steny Hoyer in Maryland's Fifth Congressional District, according to a state filing made public Wednesday.

Making strides toward acceptance: Local transgender teens share their stories
Since publicly opening up about about being transgender last year, Britt Couturier has continued to make strides in the movement of transgender rights and acceptance.

Anti-LGBT advocacy group attacks transgender people, proposed Charlotte protections
Organizers pushing for new LGBT-inclusive changes to city non-discrimination ordinances say a lobbying push from a statewide anti-LGBT organization represents an “extreme” anti-LGBT view that doesn’t mirror the city or its residents.

Pediatric doctor sends letter to parents explaining upcoming gender transition
A pediatric doctor with Carolinas HeathCare System (CHS) has announced that he will be having a gender transition, and is telling patients why he feels the change is necessary.

Bryn Mawr Becomes Fourth U.S. Women's College to Accept Transgender Students
The Pennsylvania school's president describes the decision as based on inclusivity and the awareness that gender is fluid.

La primera concejala trans peruana: “Soy el ícono de la inclusión en la política”
Faltan unas horas para que jure al cargo de concejala. Luisa Revilla, nerviosa, emocionada y feliz, no esconde los sentimientos que la mueven en un lunes que para muchos es un lunes más, pero que para ella tiene un significado especial. En unas horas (mira el reloj) jurará como concejala del distrito de La Esperanza, en Trujillo, al norte del Perú.
Ministerio de Justicia recibe a primera regidora trans del Perú