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quarta-feira, fevereiro 11, 2015

Lea T é a primeira modelo transexual a entrar na lista da Forbes
A modelo brasileira Lea T acaba para lista da tradicional revista norte-americana Forbes com uma das 12 mulheres que mudaram a moda italiana. E é a primeira modelo transexual a participar da lista.

"Mais um entre tantos abusos", diz Roberta Close após sofrer bullying da mídia
A modelo brasileira Roberta Close, que hoje mora na Suíça, desabafou em sua página no Facebook sobre o recente bullying que sofreu da mídia brasileira. Mais uma vez, a modelo de 50 anos foi "xoxada" por sua aparência.

Transexuales, la cara más frágil de Brasil
Piu fue brutalmente torturada mientras sus verdugos lo grababan en vídeo
El 50% de los casos de transexuales asesinados en el mundo ocurren en Brasil
Las medidas políticas intentan luchar contra esta violencia y la discriminación

Trans activist: I want my ID card
Trans activist and performer Esmeray wants to get a pink ID card after gender reassignment surgery, which is the usual legal process for trans people in Turkey:
The judge’s faulty verdict… the Supreme Court approving it without examining it… The fact that Registration Office is not objecting... The weight of all the irresponsibilities is on me again. Why should I file a lawsuit again? Who is to right this wrong?

Transgender vs Hijra debate hots up
After the Supreme Court officially granted them the category of Third sex on April 15 last year, one thought there would be jubilation and new-found solidarity in the transgender ranks as they claim their rights as equal citizens. Instead, there is mewling and scratching and the unsheathing of claws even as babus in the Bihar government inch towards formation of the state's Transgender Welfare Board.

Hundreds march against anti-trans violence in Hyderabad pride
India's fourth largest city sees 40 anti-trans attacks in the last six months

Enforcement of transgender people's rights in India 'stalled'
Nearly one year after the Supreme Court's landmark decision on transgender people in India, the country still faces problems enforcing the ruling. DW spoke with Jayshree Bajoria about the state of these rights reforms.

Trans model files human rights complaint after she is barred from Bangkok club
'Some hotels put up signs prohibiting dogs, durians and transgenders'
A well-known transgender model filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of Thailand yesterday (9 February) after she was denied entry to a club in Bangkok because of her gender identity.

Boost for trans* participation in sport but legal hurdles remain
New Victorian guidelines set out sporting clubs’ obligations when it comes to trans* participation but a campaigner says the law itself needs to change.

Transphobe’ Greer to speak at All About Women Festival, but where are the trans voices?
Members of Australia’s transgender communities are calling on the organisers of the All About Women Festival at the Sydney Opera House in March to explain why not one single trans woman is confirmed to speak at the festival.

New rules ease difficult transition from one gender to another
The first year of living as a woman was a year of "living on edge," recalls Rikki Dubois. She looked like a woman, but worried all of her identification said she was a man. Every time she drove, she was afraid "What if I get pulled over?" When her chiropractor billed Manitoba Health, her claim was rejected. And she couldn't sort things out and change the gender on her ID until she had transsexual surgery.

Jenner drama comes at a pivotal time for transgender rights
Whether or not Olympic legend Bruce Jenner becomes its new champion, the transgender-rights movement is making remarkable strides on many fronts — ranging from mass-media visibility to legal protections. Yet despite the gains, activists say many transgender Americans, far more so than gays and lesbians, remain vulnerable to violence, discrimination and lack of understanding.

A Transgender Mom Shares Her Journey with PEOPLE
Jennifer Finney Boylan's sons were both younger than 10 years old when she came out as transgender – and she says her journey has made her a better parent.

Arrest made in death of transgender woman after O.C. silicone party
Prosecutors have filed charges against a Santa Ana resident accused of performing illegal cosmetic surgeries that resulted in the death of a transgender woman.

LGBT Community to Hold "Die In" For SF Transgender Woman Killed in Stabbing
A demonstration for a transgender woman murdered earlier this month is scheduled to take place Tuesday afternoon in front of San Francisco City Hall.
Suspect Found Dead as Family, Friends Mourn Death of San Francisco Trans Woman

University Student Offers Point-by-Point Argument Against Transgenderism
A student at a university in Southern California wrote a "stern but necessary critique" of transgenderism, exposing the "absurdity" of pro-transgender arguments.

Florida Lawmaker Wants To Criminalize Transgender Bathroom Use For ‘Public Safety’
Florida State Rep. Frank Artiles (R) has introduced a bill that would prevent transgender people from using the restroom that matches their gender. According to HB 538, a trans person using the proper bathroom would commit a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable by up to a year in jail or a $1,000 fine. This criminalization would “secure privacy and safety for all individuals.”

Charged as a man, convicted as a woman: unusual criminal case in Miami
Nearly a decade ago, Harold Seymore was charged with sexually assaulting a female tourist on South Beach. Last week, Seymore was finally convicted of the crime — but as a woman.

Desperately seeking Suezie: a transgender journey
You don't have to look far: Bruce Jenner's apparent transgender transformation fuels tabloids.
But he's not alone. Shows like Glee are tackling the medical condition.

"I Never Wanted To Be A Boy, Ever," A Talk With Britt, A Transgender Teen
14-year-old Britt Baldy’s favorite video games are “Dragon Age,” and “Skyrim.” She likes being able to customize her characters’ hair, clothing, and gender. “I didn’t have a choice, the way I was born. Nobody does,” said Britt. But online, she said, “I like being able to choose.”

Bathroom choice for transgender residents splits Charlotte City Council
Allowing transgender residents to use the bathroom of their choice in restaurants, stores and other places of public accommodation divided the Charlotte City Council on Monday night.

Santa Fe Mayor Clarifies Gender-Neutral Bathroom Proposal
Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzalez says his proposal to have gender-neutral bathrooms does not mean men and women would have to share a restroom.

Bryn Mawr Changes Admission Guidelines To Accept Transwomen
Bryn Mawr College clarified its admissions guidelines to accept transgender women and “intersex individuals who live and identify as women at the time of application,” the college said Monday.
In Affirming Mission, Bryn Mawr Board Sets Inclusive Guidelines For Undergraduate Admission

S.D. House panel voids policy on transgender students in sports
A measure that would reverse a state athletic association policy and require transgender students to play on the same sports team as the gender on their birth certificates easily passed its first legislative committee test on Monday.

Tyler media wrong about Ty Underwood’s gender
Years and years ago, when Nicholas West was abducted from a park in Tyler and murdered, I was surprised and pleased at the way Tyler law enforcement responded. Donald Aldritch — one of the men convicted of West’s murder who has since been executed for that crime — bragged about his part in the murder, even to police. After all, Nicholas West was just a faggot; who was going to care that he had been killed?
Murder not a hate crime, but a disagreement between lovers
BREAKING NEWS: Longview man arrested in Ty Underwood murder

Transgender Widow Says Suit In Front of Texas Supreme Court May Impact Same Sex Marriage
The United States Supreme Court is expected to rule on same sex marriage early this summer -- but there's also a case in front of the Texas Supreme Court that concerns same sex marriage. At the center of it is a transgender widow named Nikki Araguz.

Expedirá el GDF actas de concubinato e identidad de género
El gobierno del Distrito Federal (GDF) dio otro paso en derechos civiles al publicar un decreto en la Gaceta Oficial capitalina por medio del cual se faculta al Registro Civil para expedir actas de concubinato y de nacimiento para el reconocimiento de identidad de género.

[El Salvador]
Meet The Trans Sex Worker Who Transformed A Gang-Controlled Prison
Karla Avelar survived a serial killer, gang attacks, and four years in a Salvadoran prison to become a trans activist on the global stage.

Free Champagne!
It made big news when the transgendered individual, Vanessa Champagne Paris, was accused of threatening Caleb Orozco's sister with a knife. Well, tonight, Paris, who is known legally as Perfilio Rodriguez is now freed of that charge after today's hearing at the Magistrate's Court.

Argentina, la meca trans
Muchos extranjeros, la mayoría jóvenes, eligen el país para estudiar y adecuar su identidad de género

Otorgan ayuda por embarazo a un varón transexual por primera vez en Argentina
El Gobierno argentino concedió por primera vez la asignación por embarazo a un varón transexual que se espera que dé a luz este mismo fin de semana, después de que se le denegara el beneficio hace cuatro meses por haber adoptado una identidad masculina, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales
Varón trans recibe Asignación por Embarazo en Salta