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sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2015

Prefeitura vai pagar bolsas de R$ 840 para travestis e transexuais
Programa "Transcidadania", lançado esta quinta-feira por Haddad, será voltado para pessoas em situação de vulnerabilidade social

Pope receives ‘transgender’ woman and female partner for private audience
Pope Francis granted an audience on Saturday to two women the world’s press are dubbing a “transsexual man and his fiancée.”

UK bank accuses woman of fraud just because she is trans
Got an apology and £500 payment in return

Germaine Greer: Transphobia does not exist
'Arachnaphobia, yes. Transphobia, no'

Transgender Rights in Ireland (or Lack Thereof)
Charlotte Ryan looks at navigating the uneven terrain of transgender rights and the transgender experience in modern Ireland

Police Harassment, House Raids and Detainment in Istanbul
December 4, 2014 Over the last week the police have targeted trans women and sex workers in Istanbul. House raids were conducted targeting the homes of trans people working and living in Findikzade and Haseki regions.

Half of transgender sex workers subjected to police violence: Report
December/06/2014 A report drafted by a civil rights organization has drawn a picture of the plight of transgender individuals in Turkey, finding that half of all transgender women sex workers in the country have been subjected to physical violence from police. It also states that the murder of transgender individuals in Turkey amounts to 40 percent of the total number of such killings in all of Europe.

Eunuch charges man with assault; he says she wanted to castrate him
Dec 6, 2014 It was no ordinary domestic squabble. The 'wife' said her 'husband' had assaulted her and cheated her of cash and ornaments worth Rs 3 lakh. But then, she really was a man, Nandram alias Raju. A resident of Bhamaura tehsil, she said she had long had feminine traits. Her lover forced her to undergo a sex-change operation at Moradabad three years ago, she said, and her lover and she had taken to living as man and wife.

Trans inmates to be placed based on self-identified gender
New Ontario policies ‘most progressive’ in North America, government claims

Former transsexual says surgeons too quick to operate
A man who underwent a sex change then had it reversed is warning that surgeons are too quick to operate in cases like his.

Victory for Monica Jones!
Monica Jones won her appeal in Arizona last week. In reversing her conviction and ordering a new trial, the court criticized the trial judge’s decision for the legally flawed conclusion that Monica’s testimony should not be considered not trustworthy because she had a motivation to lie to avoid punishment.

ASUN unanimously supports recognition of preferred gender identification at UNL
The Association for Students at the University of Nebraska has voted unanimously to support the recognition of preferred gender identity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

SD House to SDHSAA: Don't create transgender policy
The South Dakota house on Wednesday introduced a bill that would block the South Dakota High School Activities Association's policy on transgendered student-athletes.

Trans woman murdered in Tyler
Transgender woman Ty Underwood, 24, was shot to death in Tyler on Monday, Jan. 26.
Police: Tyler homicide not being investigated as hate crime

Victory for Transgender Rights in Saks Fifth Avenue Case!
Transgender Law Center applauds Monday’s decision by Saks Fifth Avenue to withdraw its motion to dismiss in a federal case brought by a former employee alleging she was discriminated against, and eventually fired, because she is transgender.

Columbus School District adopts guidelines relating to transgender students and sports
First, it was the Baraboo School District. Now, a second Madison-area school district is working to be more accepting of transgender students. A core value of the Columbus School District is to be accepting and welcoming to all, and now, new guidelines have been adopted relating to transgender students.