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sábado, janeiro 17, 2015

PS Aprovado projeto contra discriminações de género no emprego
O parlamento aprovou hoje na generalidade, sem qualquer voto contra, um projeto da deputada socialista Isabel Moreira para consagrar a identidade de género no direito de igualdade no acesso ao emprego e no local de trabalho.
Vitória para os direitos humanos em Portugal: identidade de género passa a constar do Código do Trabalho

Innovative programmatic approaches to HIV prevention and care services for gay men, other men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons using information and communication technology (ICT)
This Special Issue of Digital Culture & Education (DCE) provides innovative programmatic approaches to HIV prevention and care services for gay men, other men that have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons using information and communication technology (ICT) at a time when these same populations are experiencing an alarming upward trend of new HIV infections. During a successful participatory consultation in Washington D.C. in May 2013 hosted by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and co-supported by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, and the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), representatives from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Australia and the United States shared innovative uses of communication technology across HIV research, programs, outreach, advocacy and public-private partnerships. Believing it crucial to share their innovations more widely—through open-access channels—led us to working in partnership with these frontline workers, activists, researchers and educators to further document and share their technological innovations in different global contexts. Importantly, we prioritised working with frontline workers and activists by providing cyclical and targeted writing mentoring to assist them in writing about their successful digital interventions. Disseminating this timely work through open-access channels, like Digital Culture & Education (DCE) means that researchers in less resourced institutions, practitioners and activists in the field and the general public can better understand how ICT, particularly mobile technologies, provides unprecedented opportunities to more effectively reach and engage gay men, other MSM and transgender populations across the HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care cascade.

EU report: Nearly half of trans people face repeated violence
The EU has published a report uncovering some shocking statistics about the levels of transphobia in member states.

Oxford Uni students organise London vigil for trans teenager
Two Oxford students helped to organise a vigil in Trafalgar Square earlier this month, in memory of Leelah Alcorn, a trans teenager who took her own life in December.

Trans group reaches out to man who attacked trans woman
A Liverpool organisation for trans people has offered to speak with a man recently jailed for attacking a trans woman.

Christian Democrats: More sexual minority bills could jeopardise government coalition
The Christian Democratic Party says it won’t support any new proposals or draft legislation dealing with sexual minorities during the current government term. Christian Democratic chair Päivi Räsänen warned that bringing such measures to the Parliament could put the current government coalition on the line.

EU warns Turkey over LGBTI protection
The European Union has warned Turkey over the dangers posed to minorities and vulnerable groups in the country, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

Doğa told us of her education and work life for the upcoming “We can’t get enough of trans” book: “I was a commander in the state’s military at age 18. When I came out as trans, all those certificates, praises, badges were zeroed. I think it’s very funny.”

Serbian transgender army officer was forced to retire, says rights group
Activists say veteran major was discriminated against after her transgender identity was deemed a threat to army’s reputation

Russia gives green light for transgender drivers to stay on the road - TRFN
Russian officials have given transgender citizens, many of whom have felt increasingly persecuted by the state in recent years, the green light to keep on driving after a new road safety decree sparked panic that they would be banned from the road.

A transgender story: From male Orthodox activist to female author, educator in Jerusalem
Twenty-five years ago, Yiscah Smith was a man who ran a Jerusalem educational center for Chabad — a religious group that helps bring unaffiliated Jews closer to their faith. These days, she is doing a different sort of outreach — as a transgender activist and educator who preaches a message of truth and tolerance.

Transgender sex workers among China’s most marginalised people
Report by Asia Catalyst shines light on their intense social ostracism, leaving them vulnerable to HIV infection and abuse

Thailand to recognise third gender[Thailand] Thailand to recognise third gender
Thailand’s new constitution will include references to a third gender for the first time.

More support needed for transgendered students in schools
Workshop being held in Truro this month to support LGBQT youth

Transgender people say discrimination by health professionals still exists
Imagine hiding your true identity for years. Then, when you finally find the courage to reach out to a doctor or psychologist, they can’t – or won’t – help you.

Trans People to InTouch Weekly: Your Fake Bruce Jenner Cover Is 'Sad'
The supermarket tabloid's latest cover crosses a line, say several trans advocates.
InTouch Weekly Photoshopped Bruce Jenner As A Woman On Their Cover

Jane Clementi, Mother Of Tyler Clementi, Speaks Out On The Suicide of Transgender Teen Leelah Alcorn
As we've been reporting, the tragic death of Leelah Alcorn has grabbed the attention of people across the country and across the world. Leelah's final plea in a suicide note posted on Tumblr was that we "fix society." Since then, hundreds rallied in D.C., a Cleveland City Councilman gave an emotional and impactful speech on the need to protect trans youth, Transparent creator Jill Soloway dedicated her show's Golden Globe win to Leelah Alcorn and also Jane Clementi, the mother of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who took his own life after he learned that his roommate had recorded him kissing another man, is speaking out and calling for a change in our "hearts and minds" so that we "celebrate every life":

Meet the Bowsers: Transgender Parents Raising 2 Sons
Meet the Bowser family. Bianca and Nick Bowser live with their sons Kai, 3, and Pax, 17 months, in Louisville, Kentucky, where no one knows their family secret, at least, until now.

Obama urged to take stance on military’s transgender ban in SOTU
In his State of the Union Address next week, a San Francisco-based group wants President Obama to take a stance on the military’s ban on transgender service members.

Right-Wingers Want Constitutional Amendment Banning Trans People
They also admit they are in a 'war … with the LGBT community.'
FRC Spox Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Ban Recognition Of Gender Reassignment

Google+ introduces ‘infinite’ custom gender options
Google’s social networking site has changed the options for users to define their gender, allowing “infinite” options.
Google+ Will Now Let Users Identify Their Gender Using Their Own Words

Immigration Advocates Demand Release of Abused Trans Asylum Seeker
Nicoll Hernández-Polanco says she's faced transphobia and verbal, physical, and sexual abuse from immigration staff and other detainees in her all-male facility, despite posing no 'security threat.'

Not guilty pleas entered in Mrs. Doubtfire house arson
A transgender woman accused of setting fire to the Pacific Heights house known for its role in the 1993 hit film Mrs. Doubtfire has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, arson, and other charges.

SDSU transgender student claims he was harrassed, kicked out of locker room
A San Diego State University student and transgender man claims he was berated in the men’s locker room at the Aztec Recreation Center by another student and then kicked out of the locker room by a staff member this week.

Defense: Barbie Cross-Dresser was High on Meth but Did Not Attack Woman
The attorney for a man accused of attacking a woman in a toilet stall at a Big Lots store last year while wearing a child’s pink Barbie costume told a jury Thursday that he may have cross-dressed because he was high on alcohol and methamphetamine but was not guilty of an assault.

Fired Trans Police Officer Sues Connecticut Town Over Alleged Discrimination
Francesca Quaranta's lawsuit describes being verbally harassed, excessively scrutinized by superiors, and ultimately pushed out of her long-term job.

Georgetown Students Join Rally Advocating Coverage for Transgender ‘Transitioning’
Georgetown students reportedly joined a march outside the Justice Department, advocating for gender transitioning insurance coverage and a federal ban on conversion therapy for minors, among other demands, according to The Hoya. In light of events connected to Catholic universities promoting confusing ideas about gender, The Cardinal Newman Society recently interviewed theologians from faithful Catholic colleges about Church teaching on sexual identity.

D.C. Trans Teen's Attacker Now Faces 15 Years in Prison
After pleading guilty to stabbing a trans teen aboard a train, hate crime enhancements have now extended the maximum time Reginald Anthony Klaiber may serve in prison.

Dozens gather to mourn trans teen
Nearly 200 miles from Kings Mills Ohio, home of deceased transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, dozens of people crowded together last night in Rachel’s Café to give meaning to her death.

Kentucky Legislator Quietly Introduces Bill Banning Trans Students From Using Correct Bathrooms
A Kentucky legislator has proposed a bill that would single out, marginalize, and humiliate transgender students who use school bathrooms — and with practically no media fanfare.
Kentucky Lawmaker Wants To Ban Transgender Students From Bathrooms
Bill targets transgender bathrooms
ThinkProgress Aghast At Kentucky Bill That Would Prevent Teen Boys From Changing In Girls Locker Rooms
State Sen. Embry Introduces Kentucky Student Privacy Act

Students at all-female Mass. college cancel annual ‘Vagina Monologues’ performance, saying play isn’t trans-friendly
Eve Ensler's 'Vagina' play is a classic at colleges nationwide, but students at Mount Holyoke College aren't into it anymore. The school's theater group says the play overlooks transgender issues, and it is planning to produce an original play called 'The Student Body' instead.

New preferred name policy launches pilot program
Through the combined efforts of several campus offices, a pilot program has been launched to allow students to use their preferred names in many more settings than are currently available, including class rosters, University emails and diplomas.

Trans Woman & Advocate Supports Proposed MHSA Policy
One trans woman in Missoula is pushing for change.
Executive Director of the Gender Expansion Project Bree Sutherland grew up and came out as gay in Kalispell. She decided to transition to female in Missoula, but has been back home several times.

Transgender inmate to get $80,000
The state has agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a lawsuit by a transgender inmate from Rochester who alleged she was beaten by corrections officers at the Attica Correctional Facility.

Officer testimony renews hope in Morris case
For the past 12 years, an outstanding question in the Nizah Morris case has been whether Officer Elizabeth Skala was authorized to give a Center City “courtesy ride” to Morris.

Trans woman wanted in connection with stabbing
Two people beat and stabbed a man in a Center City fast-food restaurant last Wednesday night, and police believe one of the culprits is transgender.

Trans buddy program to support LGBT patients
Summary: Fear of being stigmatized by health care professionals is a barrier for many patients who are members of the LGBT community — it’s one of the most-reported reasons transgender individuals do not go to the doctor. Two researchers want to change that. This month the pair, along with a dedicated group of volunteers, will begin serving as advocates for a pilot program called Trans Buddy.