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domingo, janeiro 11, 2015

The quiet genocide against the Transgender community
A quiet genocide: That's what some activists say is happening to transgender people, right around the world. We hear from a researcher who says that's what she sees, even while others say that calling it genocide is a misuse of a loaded term.

Após ataque terrorista, Laerte Coutinho diz que Charlie Hebdo é patrimônio da humanidade
O ataque terrorista islâmico que matou na terça-feira (7) 12 profissionais que trabalhavam na revista francesa "Charlie Hebdo", dentre elas dez jornalistas e dois policiais, chocou a sociedade, a imprensa e vários cartunistas brasileiros.

Homossexual é morto com tiros nos olhos
Um homossexual de identidade desconhecida, que teria entre 25 e 30 anos, foi assassinado à queima-roupa com dois tiros, um em cada olho, por motivo ainda desconhecido, no início da madrugada de ontem (8), na esquina da travessa Barão de Mamoré com a passagem Silva Rosado, no bairro de São Brás, em Belém. De acordo com informações do cabo PM J. Monteiro da 2ª Companhia (Cia)/2º Batalhão de Polícia Militar (BPM), a guarnição estava em ronda quando escutaram os disparos de arma de fogo, mas, ao tentarem localizar os suspeitos, não tiveram êxito.

Travesti conhecido como 'Juju' é assassinado a tiro em Araçatuba
Um travesti foi assassinado a tiro por volta das 11h30 desta sexta-feira (09), em Araçatuba. Ele teria sido atingido no peito por um disparo de espingarda. A vítima chegou a ser socorrida em estado grave por uma equipe de Resgate do Corpo de Bombeiros, até a Santa Casa. No entanto, não resistiu e chegou ao hospital sem vida.

Town rallies to provide terminally ill trans woman’s dream wedding
A town has rallied to fulfill the dying wish of a terminally ill trans woman, who wants to marry her female partner.

Massive support for Galaxy DJ Simon who became Stephanie
Radio DJ Stephanie Hirst received thousands of messages of support when she announced that she had undergone gender reassignment.
She had entertained thousands of North East Lincolnshire listeners hosting breakfast show Hirsty's Morning Glory and Hirsty's Daily Dose on Galaxy FM as Simon Hirst.
But late last year, after taking a break from an 11-year stint at Capital FM, Stephanie was introduced to the world, and the well-wishes came flooding in, despite her expectations of a barrage of abuse.

Grimsby sex-swap teen Nicole beats the bullies
A West Marsh teenager undergoing a sex change has spoken about how she is overcoming years of bullying and mental torment to finally become who she feels she really is.

Gender identity all in the head
Are you male or female, or something in between? A new study from the MedUni of Vienna reveals that brain structure is significantly different between males and females - and that trans-gender individuals are something different too.

Russia lists transgender people among those unfit to drive
New Russian road safety regulations bar transgender and transsexual people and others the government classifies as suffering for sexual and mental “disorders” from driving.
Rights groups decry new Russian edict that bars transsexuals from driving

Kuwait launches crackdown as ‘immoral videos’ surface on internet
Kuwait authorities have arrested a transgender person and an Iranian man after they posted a clip deemed “morally offensive.”
The police said that an investigation was launched to identify the pair and arrest them.
The transgender person, who calls himself “Shemale Sara”, was apprehended in Al Jabriya area after the police gathered enough information to locate him.

Tunisian transsexual sparks debate after appearing on popular TV show
The uncharacteristic showing of a transsexual on a popular Tunisian chat show this week has stirred a debate online, reflecting the divided nature of Tunisian society.

[South Africa]
Hate crimes burden the health of transgender people in SA
The social stresses of high levels of discrimination and persecution burdens the health of transgender people in SA.

PHOTOS: Indian Trans Women Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Three hijra — India's legally recognized trans or third gender citizens — have taken part in an a bold new health campaign titled, 'Love Your Breasts. Or Lose Your Breasts.'

Women’s Ministry cuts funds from NGO helping transgenders
The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has stopped funding a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that assists transwomen, sex workers and people with HIV, amid a brouhaha over transgender rights.
Malaysia ministry pulls funding of trans group amid uproar over cross-dressing rights

[New Zealand]
Rally: bus driver denies hitting woman
The start of a transgender rights rally in Auckland was briefly overshadowed by angry scenes as a bus driver was accused of hitting a marcher, something the driver denies, despite witness accounts otherwise.
Bus nudge wasn't intentional - marcher

Similar Suicide Rates Found In Mentally Ill and Transgendered Veterans
Transgendered veterans are significantly more likely than their non-transgendered counterparts to commit suicide, according to a new study.

Prostitute, companion found guilty in Coast Guardsman's shooting death
Bad decisions shouldn't have cost U.S. Coast Guardsman Robert "Andrew" Roberts his life on March 13, 2013, prosecutors said Friday.
Roberts' decision to meet a transgender prostitute at a motel shouldn't have gotten him shot, Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Wright said.
His decision not to bring her $200 also shouldn't have meant that Robert's life had to end, Wright said during her closing argument to the jury.

'Doubtfire’ house arson suspect had harassed doctor, records say
The woman accused of setting fire to San Francisco’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” house had made harassing phone calls to the homeowner’s medical office and had entered the Pacific Heights home the day of the fire, according to court documents.
Woman arrested in connection with ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ house fire pleads not guilty
Transgender woman suspected of committing arson at 'Mrs. Doubtfire' home pleads not guilty

Hate-Crime Charges Filed as California Trans Woman Recovers from Stabbing
Samantha Hulsey survived being stabbed in the chest on a San Francisco bus and says it's clear that her accused attacker targeted her for being trans.

Man pleads guilty to stabbing transgender girl on train
A Maryland man has pleaded guilty to stabbing a 15-year-old transgender girl on a Metro train.

Suspect Charged in Shooting Death of Ga. Trans Woman, But Media and Police Still Get It Wrong
Keymori Shatoya Johnson was shot to death two weeks ago, but local police and media have been reluctant to publicly identify her as a trans woman and possibly consider her murder a hate crime.

Bond Set For Suspected “Toxic Tush” Doc
A South Florida woman accused of injecting “super glue” and Fix-A-Flat into the buttocks of women in botched illegal cosmetic surgery procedures will likely remain in Broward County jail until her trial.

Court denies gender reassignment surgery to inmate
A federal appeals court ruled that denying gender reassignment surgery to a trans inmate is constitutional.
First Circuit Reverses, Denies Medically Necessary Surgery To Transgender Inmate
Federal appeals court blocks transgender inmate’s request for gender reassignment surgery
Federal Court Rules Dept. of Corrections Can Deny Care to Trans Prisoners
Court denies inmate’s sex-change surgery
Federal court overturns rulings entitling Massachusetts convicted murderer to taxpayer-funded sex change operation
Convicted killer Michelle Kosilek's demand for sex-change operation rejected
GLAD Appalled by Appeals Court Ruling that Dept. of Corrections Can Deny Care to Transgender Woman

Incarcerated Trans Woman Sues New York Prison Over Sexual Assault
LeslieAnn Manning says staff at her male prison facility knew that she, as a trans woman, faced an increased risk of rape, but chose to turn a blind eye.

New York State Acts to Remove Medicaid Ban on Transgender Health Care
Department of Health Proposes Regulation to Ensure Transgender New Yorkers Have Access to Certain Medically Necessary Care

Friend defends Leelah Alcorn's parents after transgender teen's suicide
Ever since transgender teen Leelah Alcorn committed suicide on Dec. 28, there has been an avalanche of criticism of her parents Doug and Carla Alcorn.
The 17-year-old's suicide note says they didn't accept her.
But a friend of the Alcorns is stepping forward to defend the couple, saying they "would give you the shirt off their back."
Daily Caller Op-Ed Blames LGBT Community For Suicide Of Transgender Teen
Sara Gilbert: ‘It’s more important to let go of the idea that you have a son, than to lose your child’
Group raises funds for Leelah Alcorn memorial
New Zealanders call for trans respect

Oregon transgender mayor leaves office
The nation's first openly transgender mayor has left office in his small Oregon town.
WATCH: Nation's First Trans Mayor Says Trans Politicians No Longer a 'Big Deal'

Saks Claims a Legal Right to Discriminate Against Trans Employees
In December 2014, Saks Fifth Avenue responded to a sex discrimination lawsuit filed by Leyth O. Jamal, a former employee at a Saks store in Texas who claims she was harassed, then fired, for being a trans woman. Saks could have fought Jamal’s suit by insisting that her claims of harassment are false, or that she was terminated for reasons unrelated to her gender. But instead, Saks has claimed that it has a legal right to discriminate against trans employees based on their trans status.
Saks claims transgender employees are not protected from sex discrimination

No Way To Make Up For Champagne
The last time we told you about the transgender individual, Vanessa Champagne Paris, legally known as Porfilio Rodriguez, was when she was close to being acquitted of aggravated assault for pulling a knife on Caleb Orozco's sister, Golda. Well, tonight, she's out on bail after being remanded for his latest criminal charge, an allegation that she broke into a house in Independence Village and stole….make up.