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sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2015

UFRN realiza ciclo de debates sobre avanços e desafios da transexualidade na sociedade
Com o tema “Universidade e Movimento Trans”, o Núcleo Interdisciplinar Tirésias da UFRN realiza nos dias 2, 3 e 4 de abril a 4° Semana de Debates.

Rede municipal de ensino aceitará nome social de transexuais e travestis
A prefeitura de São Paulo, através das secretarias municipais de Educação e Direitos Humanos, montará uma comissão para aplicar o decreto que já existe desde 2010; trata-se de uma iniciativa pioneira no Brasil para a reinclusão escolar deste público

'Transgender women often want to sound like Fiona Bruce'
Not the body, not the hormones, not the clothes – sometimes the new voice can be the most challenging part of changing gender, reports Theo Merz

Group supports call by Joanna Attard to have her gender identity officially recognised
Equality Rights Group is calling for Gibraltar to move in 2015 on the rights of transgender people in the community.
In a press release, Chairman Felix Alvarez has spoken of the ‘need to recognise the rights of this sector of our population, however small it might be. It’s not a question of numbers, but of fairness, kindness and justice.
Call for transgender rights recognition
Calls for gender recognition in Gibraltar

Gender Identity Bill red flags
A Church position paper on the Gender Identity Bill awaiting to be debated in Parliament has raised serious concerns on the potential impact of the proposed law. The seven moral experts who drew up the paper have concluded that the Bill ran the risk of being an act of injustice instead of its declared intention of conferring dignity and equality.

Eylul Cansin commemorated: Trans suicides are political!
Eylul Cansin, a trans woman who ended her life in Istanbul, was commemorated in various cities in Turkey.

Russia bans transgender people from driving
Listed among the 'mental disorders' that also include fetishism, exhibitionism, compulsive gambling and stealing

La esclavitud del tercer sexo
Aunque la legislación india los reconoce desde abril como ‘tercer género’, los transexuales todavía viven segregados y condenados a una grave discriminación

Ongoing fight for trans rights in Malaysia
Transgender people in Malaysia may soon have fewer legal barriers to expressing their gender freely, thanks to a recent ruling in a state appeals court. The Malaysia Court of Appeal in the city of Putrajaya ruled last month that three trans women were not bound by legal prohibitions on “impersonating” someone of the opposite gender.

Malaysian court rules transgender people 'mentally ill'
There's some good news for transgender Muslim women in Malaysia. An influential court ruling says cops can't persecute them under religious law just for wearing dresses and lipstick.
Keeping the police away, however, may require a demeaning concession: getting certified as mentally ill.

Anti-LGBT Pundit: Leelah Alcorn Probably Possessed By Demons, LGBT Community To Blame For Suicide
BarbWire content editor Gina Miller weighed in today on the suicide of transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn, who discussed family rejection in her suicide note, and unsurprisingly, Miller believes that the LGBT community is to blame.
In fact, Miller suggests that Satanic forces may have been behind Alcorn’s transgender identity — which she refers to as a “deeply disturbing mental and spiritual sickness” — while adding that anyone “in open rebellion against God’s design for human sexuality will suffer for it, and suicidal tendencies are just one of the many ill effects.”
Far-Right Pundit: Leelah Alcorn's Death Proves LGBT Advocates Are 'Satan's Little Soldiers'
Conservative uses teen’s suicide to smear transgender people as demon-possessed lunatics
Seelbach takes transgender teen's cause to City Hall

U.S. Women’s Colleges: Trans Men Welcome, Trans Women Not
In 2013, graduating high school senior and transgender woman Calliope Wong applied for admission to the all-women’s Smith College. Being female, Wong assumed her gender identity would not preclude her acceptance there, particularly given statements on the school’s website such as, “Smith has a diverse and dynamic student body that includes individuals who identify as transgender.”

Homeless person dies in Castro
People in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood are remembering a homeless person who died recently outside a Peet's coffee shop as a troubled person who had frequently declined help.

End of rental subsidy may mean homelessness for trans vet
The end of a rental subsidy might result in homelessness for a senior transgender military veteran.
Hollie Beck, an artist and veteran, is facing the possible loss of her Richmond district apartment. Beck said that she's lived in her apartment near the Balboa Theatre for over 20 years, but the death of her 86-year-old spouse has made it impossible for her to keep up with her unit's $1,600 monthly rent. Beck receives $720 per month in Social Security.

Allen judge rules transgender man can have birth certificate changed
An Allen County judge has ruled that a woman who underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a man can have his birth certificate modified to show that he was born a male.

Court: No taxpayer-funded sex-change surgery for inmate
A federal appeals court has told a prison inmate he can't have gender-reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense.
Robert Kosilek, 65, is serving a life term for killing his wife more than two decades ago. He had been using the courts to force the state to provide sex-change surgery because he wants to live as a woman. Andrew Beckwith, an attorney who heads Massachusetts Family Institute, tells OneNewsNow that Kosilek is a very troubled man.
Boston Appeals Court Sets Back Trans Prison Rights

N.C. Democrats to revisit transgender-inclusive provision
The North Carolina Democratic Party has yet to implement transgender-inclusive changes to its party’s governing document, but will take a final vote on the measure in February, one year after the changes were first proposed.

Cardozo, Cornell File Suit for Transgender Inmate
The Civil Rights Clinic at Cardozo Law School and the LGBT Rights Clinic at Cornell Law School are collaborating on a federal lawsuit for a transgender woman who said she was sexually attacked by another inmate at an upstate prison.
Transgender inmate sues NY prison over sexual assault

Molested transgender teen tells abuser: 'You were ... my best friend and now you are my nightmare'
The transgender teenager -- who was born a girl but identifies as a boy -- had looked up to the 38-year-old man for years and thought of him as his best friend.
But in December 2013, the man took a disturbing interest in the teen. He gave the boy alcohol, got him drunk, then sexually abused him. The abuse went on for three months until the teen found the courage to confide in another adult.

Saks Fifth Avenue Shockingly Claims It Has A Right To Discriminate Against Transgender Employees
Saks Fifth Avenue received a score of 90 on the Human Rights Campaign's most recent Corporate Equality Index.
But attorneys for a former employee who's suing the department store chain say it isn't living up to that score.

Wis. School District Voluntarily Adopts Trans-Inclusive Athletics Policy
A Wisconsin school district has adopted a trans-inclusive athletics policy this week — before any trans students came forward to request the change.