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sábado, janeiro 10, 2015

Atirador em carro mata travesti de 25 anos em bairro de Araçatuba
Segundo testemunhas, suspeito atirou de dentro do carro.
Local do crime foi isolado pelo Instituto de Criminalística.
A polícia está à procura do suspeito que matou a tiros um travesti, de 25 anos, nesta sexta-feira (9), no bairro Rosele, em Araçatuba (SP). Segundo informações da polícia, ele estava no local, por volta das 11h30, parado em um ponto de prostituição quando, um carro passou e o ocupante atirou na vítima, que foi atingida por quatro tiros.

Travesti é assassinado a tiros em São Brás
Um travesti, não identificado, foi morto com dois tiros nos olhos na madrugada desta quinta-feira (8), no bairro de São Brás, em Belém.
De acordo com a polícia, testemunhas disseram que a vítima estava na carona de uma motocicleta quando foi cercada por um carro preto de onde surgiram os disparos que a atingiu no rosto.

Trans rights trail blazer Christine Goodwin passed away
On Dec 8, 2014, Christine Goodwin passed away after long illness. We express our condolences to Christine Goodwin’s family and close ones.

New Russian Regulation Says Transgender People Unfit to Drive
Transgender people may no longer be allowed to drive cars in Russia under new road safety regulations signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'
Russia Bans Transgender People And Other 'Deviants' From Driving
Russia bans drivers with sex, gender 'disorders'
Russia Now Says Trans People Can't Have Driver's Licenses

Interview With Trans Activist and Icon Calpernia Addams
In putting together a collection of interviews with compelling members of the queer community, one would be remiss to leave out trans activist, writer, singer/songwriter, actress, coach, and comedian Calpernia Addams. I was fortunate that she agreed to answer a few questions, and even more fortunate that she included accompanying links. (Thanks, Calpernia!) Take a look at what she has to say about her life growing up, the politics of language, and her history as a tireless advocate for equality.

Fenway Study: Transgender Youth at High Risk for Negative Mental Health Outcomes
Primary Care clinicians should routinely screen transgender youth for mental health concerns

Anti-LGBT Writer: Satan Tricked Leelah Alcorn Into Believing She Was Transgender
Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, the state affiliate of the American Family Association, joined other Religious Right activists in condemning the LGBT community for the death of Leelah Alcorn, a teenager who discussed her family’s rejection of her transgender identity in her suicide note.
In a column published this week, Higgins insists it was LGBT rights supporters, not Alcorn's parents, who drove the teen (whom she makes a point of misgendering throughout her article) to severe depression by pushing “lies that now devour them.”
After Leelah Alcorn's Suicide, Trans Youth Fight Broader Bias
D.C. march to honor Leelah Alcorn scheduled

Man pleads not guilty in stabbing of trans woman in SF
The San Francisco man accused of trying to fatally stab a transgender woman on a Muni bus last weekend pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges and denied hate crime allegations today (Wednesday, January 7) in San Francisco Superior Court.

Former Middletown Officer Files Suit Against City And Police
Former police Officer Francesca Quaranta has filed a lawsuit contesting her June 2014 termination, arguing that she was fired because she is a transgender woman.
The suit names the city, the mayor, Police Chief William McKenna, Lt. Jaime DelMauro, Lt. Paul Maturo and former Officer Christopher Lavoie, who was also fired last year.

Accused killer of transwoman sends Bible verses to court
Charles N. Sargent, who’s accused of stabbing to death trans-woman Diamond Williams, then dismembering her body with an ax, has sent a series of Bible verses to court officials.
The Bible verses are contained in a 24-page “affidavit of truth” that Sargent sent to Philadelphia Common Pleas Court in October.

HRC Challenges Saks' Defense of Antitrans Discrimination
As the company claims such discrimination is legal and that it isn't bound by its own antibias policies, the Human Rights Campaign suspends its Corporate Equality Index score.