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quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2015

Código do trabalho poderá vir a proteger pessoas transexuais
Foi aprovada sexta-fera passada, dia 16 de Janeiro, a inclusão da identidade de género no Código do Trabalho.

University poster claims trans women “rape women every nine minutes”
A poster has been put up at University of Bristol misgendering trans women and claiming cis women need to “surrender their boundaries”.
The poster appears to be a parody of one put up by Bristol’s LGBT society which went viral in November. The original poster read “If you’re out in public and you can’t figure out a stranger’s gender, follow these simple steps: 1. Don’t worry about it.” Bristol LGBT society widespread praise for its trans-positive campaign.
UK university poster claims trans people 'rape women every nine minutes'

[Reino Unido]
Foi capitão e agora é a primeira transexual do Exército
Hannah Winterbourne contou a sua história ao Daily Mail onde revela que combateu no Afeganistão como homem, mas percebeu que não se sentia bem no seu corpo. Foi na Alemanha que acabou por tomar a decisão de mudar de sexo. Agora, é capitã do Exército britânico e diz sentir-se muito bem com a sua decisão. Conheça a história de Hannah.

Exeter pensioner mistakenly sent confidential details of transgender NHS patients
A pensioner from Exeter is receiving dozens of confidential letters meant for an NHS clinic that helps trans people.

Gender Recognition Bill to be published today
The Gender Recognition Bill will be introduced in the Seanad this afternoon.

Turkey’s ever first transgender shelter house opens
Turkey’s first-ever shelter house for transgender women has opened in Istanbul, thanks to the efforts of transgender individuals and donations raised at a trans fashion show, the woman behind the shelter has told news website Radikal.

Israel to allow sex changes on ID card without surgery
Following Supreme Court ruling, Interior Ministry changes standards for recognizing gender change
Israel allows gender change on ID cards without surgery

Transgender in Jerusalem: Meet Yiscah Smith, the inspiring ex-Orthodox Jewish activist who created a life as a woman
Smith, born Jeffrey and raised in Long Island, New York, tells The Independent about her struggle to come out as a woman and being 'honest with God'

Pakistan's cross-dressing men dance despite fear
Muhammed Muheisen, chief photographer in Islamabad for the Associated Press, spent two years talking with Pakistan's cross-dressing men and the transgendered, working to gain their trust to offer a rare glimpse into their lives in this conservative country.

Transgenders rally against I
A group of transgenders protested on Monday against what they claimed was a humiliating portrayal of the transgender community in the recently-released I, directed by Shankar.
Anti-trans film sparks protests in India

Transphobia on the rise, says Hijra Samiti
Members of Telangana Transgender Hijra Samiti on Monday expressed anguish over the alleged murder of a transgender, Pravallika, on January 17.
The members said transphobic violence was on the rise in the city and alleged that complaints across several police stations on the issue in Cyberabad and Hyderabad have not yielded any positive results.
Hyderabad: Transgenders find it hard to get jobs
India trans activists demand protection amid rise in violence

Activists say sex-change rules reform could take years
Transgender rights activists yesterday said that reforms on gender reassignment regulations might require legislative action, amid speculation that current reforms aimed at revising an administrative order issued by the Ministry of the Interior will not succeed.

Vietnam proposes separate jails for gays
Majority of trans inmates want separate prisons to avoid sexual harassment

[New Zealand]
Obit labels trans woman 'son', 'brother'
A transgender Auckland woman has been misgendered in her death notice, where her family says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
Charlotte Amelia Loh, 22, died suddenly on Sunday.
The death notice Loh’s family has placed in the New Zealand Herald today uses a male birth name, refers to her as a ‘son’ and ‘brother’, and says she was “also known as Charlotte”.
It's understood Loh had specifically asked not to be referred to by the wrong name or pronoun.

Six Nations woman shares her transgender experience
Aiyyana Maracle is an accomplished writer, an award-winning theatre artist, an opera director, a visual artist and a scholar.
Yet she lives in poverty.
Born on Six Nations, Maracle recently returned to her birthplace to build a home with her adult son and his wife. After years of being estranged from her family, Maracle is building new connections and a new life.

January Marie Lapuz Award Created In Honour Of Slain Transgender Woman
A youth leadership award has been created in honour of January Marie Lapuz, a transgender woman who was killed in New Westminster, B.C.

Fighting for inclusive identification
New campaign hopes to improve government-issued identification for trans people

President Obama Acknowledges Humanity of Trans and Bisexual Americans in Historic State of the Union
Tonight, President Barack Obama includes transgender and bisexual people in the State of the Union address in reference to American values and the defense of human dignity. This inclusion is unprecedented in any State of the Union address.
State of the Union: These 3 Words Were Used For First Time Ever

ICE Responds to Abuse of Transgender Detainee Allegations
Last week, I wrote about the case of Nicoll Hernández-Polanco, a Guatemalan transgender woman who is detained in an all-male Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Florence.

SF trans woman's '09 killing remains unsolved
Five years after the homicide of Mariah Qualls, a transgender woman who was found dead in her North Beach residential hotel room, San Francisco police are still working to bring whoever's responsible into custody.

Fired transgender Connecticut police officer sues for discrimination
A transgender Connecticut police officer fired last June has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation and wrongful termination.

"All This Time I've Had A Daughter, Not A Son": A Talk With Parents Of Transgender Teen
Last December, on an early Sunday morning, in Warren County, Ohio, 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn committed suicide by walking in front of a tractor trailer.

Several gather in downtown Evansville to remember transgender teen who committed suicide
You have probably seen the story about Leelah Alcorn on social media. The 17-year-old, born a male, was transgender and committed suicide in December.

Ky bill targets transgender school-bathroom use
In a rebuke to a Louisville high school, a Kentucky lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would ban transgender students from using school restrooms that don't correspond to their anatomical sex.
Sponsor Of Most Ridiculous Anti-Trans Legislation In America Tries To Justify It, Hilarity Ensues
Ky. Transgender Restroom Proposal Draws National Attention

Transgender Woman Says Change Was Lifesaving, Despite Losing Job, Loved Ones
Until her late 50s, Steph James of Maryland Heights lived a life that, from all appearances, looked like the American dream.
But it wasn’t her dream. Raised as Steve, James always felt she was female. After a successful career, 30-year marriage and three children, she divorced, and began living as a woman. Her story will be included in a book documenting transgender people over the age of 50, called “To Survive on this Shore.” James’ saga reveals a life of trying to conform, sinking into depression and, finally, making life-saving decisions.
Cornellian Decries Alleged Transphobic Harassment
Transgender graduate student Meredith Talusan has been barred from living in Telluride House — an organization independent of the University that provides free room and board for its residents — after leaving the house and actively protesting against what she has called transphobic harassment by her housemate.

GCS discusses transgender policy
As bathroom use by transgender students in schools has grown to a national level, during their monthly meeting Thursday, the Greenville Central School Board of Education discussed the issue and how it may impact their own policies.

Local Mother Shares Her Experience Of Raising A Transgender Child
The suicide of a transgender teen from Ohio continues to fuel an emotional discussion across the country. Last month, LeelahAlcorn walked in front of a semi on I-71 near Cincinnati. The note she left behind said her parents had refused to accept her as a girl, and she believed her life was not worth living.

Pennsylvania’s governor-elect chooses ‘transsexual’ physician general
The soon-to-be governor of Pennsylvania made headlines this weekend by selecting the state’s first transsexual physician general – a pediatric psychiatrist who began living as a woman about five years ago, despite the fact that he was born a man.

Petition seeks anti-trans charter amendment
Not satisfied with efforts to repeal Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, one anti-LGBT activist is calling for a charter amendment to ban transgender protections in the city.

Trans Woman Gets Help in Fight Against Saks
A transgender woman who says the retailer discriminated against her has responded to Saks's motion to dismiss her case and is getting support from two prominent LGBT rights groups.
Transgender Houston woman suing Saks calls retailer's discrimination stance 'astounding'

La lucha de una mujer transexual para ejercer como abogada
A mediados de los ochenta, era conocida como Sergio Cava, cantante de pelo esponjoso y batido de JAS, uno de los grupos de rock peruanos que más sonó por aquellas épocas. Pocos años antes, Fiorella se había graduado en la carrera de Derecho en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Combinaba su trabajo de representante de disqueras internacionales con los conciertos en los que tocaba enfundada en pantalones pitillo, camisa, y fachada de varón.