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sábado, fevereiro 07, 2015

Sargento da PM agride travesti com golpes de garrafa após acertar programa em pousada da Capital
O sargento reformado da Polícia Militar conhecido por “Do Rego” foi preso em flagrante na tarde desta quarta-feira (4) acusado de agredir fisicamente o travesti Wallace de Azevedo Santos com 19 anos de idade.

Miss Mundo T Girl, Rayka Vieira Santos diz que beleza a não livra da transfobia
No segundo concurso que elegeu a miss Mundo T-Girl – página no Facebook que reúne travestis, mulheres transexuais e simpatizantes da causa T – a vencedora foi Rayka Vieira Santos, de 19 anos.

Justicia autoriza a un preso a seguir un tratamiento hormonal para cambiar de sexo
El recluso, de Quatre Camins, presentó una queja ante el Síndic de Greuges en la que solicitaba ser trasladado por vejaciones y cambiar de sexo. La Dirección General de Servicios Penitenciarios ya le ha concertado una visita con el equipo del Hospital Clínic.
La dirección de la prisión atendió en septiembre su petición de traslado.

Scotland: Law Society will let solicitors register as gender neutral
The Law Society of Scotland is to allow solicitors to register without forcing them to specify a gender.

Referrals for young transgender people increase
The number of young people being referred to support services for help with transgender issues has gone up fivefold in four years, according to figures released to Newsbeat.
Increase in referrals for young trans people due to ‘wider acceptance’

'I changed gender to become the man I always felt I was'
St Helens man Lewis Hancox changed gender after support from Graham Norton and Stephen Fry
When he joined a basketball team, his team mates treated Lewis Hancox like one of the boys.
What he didn’t tell them was that he was actually a girl.

India Urged to Protect Rights of Transgender People
Indian authorities should fully enforce a Supreme Court ruling to protect the rights of transgender people and help end discrimination and abuse, Human Rights Watch said Friday.

From brutes to butterflies: Inside Thailand's sex-change industry
A relaxed attitude to gender roles and low-cost, high-quality surgery make the Kingdom the go-to destination for male-to-female transformation

League of Legends tournament lifts restrictions on lesbian and trans players
Organizers apologize after a fierce backlash

Transvestite Day cancelled at St.Constant elementary school
The Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries has cancelled Transvestite Day at an elementary school in south shore St.Constant because most parents thought the proposal was outrageous.
Transgender youth embrace gender-neutral bathrooms coming to Calgary schools

Gender-neutral washrooms coming to more Edmonton schools
It looks like a regular, single-stalled washroom. But it means a lot to at least five transgender students of Strathcona Composite High School.

Trans Woman Details The 'Great Danger' She's Faced While Traveling
Traveling through airports comes with its annoyances for everyone, but inconvenience often turns into discrimination and fear for transgender people who may not have or be able to secure the proper documentation.

Bruce Jenner's Mom Opens Up About His Gender Journey
With speculation flying, Bruce Jenner's mother opened up Wednesday about his gender journey.

Half of young people believe gender isn’t limited to male and female
Half of all Millennials believe that gender exists on a spectrum, and shouldn’t be limited to the categories of male and female, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll, which surveyed 1,000 people aged 18-34 about everything from politics to dating to race issues.
Half of young people believe gender exists on a spectrum

Fox News Guest Attacks Bruce Jenner, Says Trans Detainees Shouldn't Get Hormone Treatment
A Tea Party activist Thursday used Fox News as a stage to take a swipe at Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner while decrying policy that grants medical treatment to transgender illegal immigrant detainees.
Will Bruce Jenner change America’s views on the transgendered?
Is transgender community ready for close-up?
Expert: Bruce Jenner victim of exploitation
Civilities: When it comes to transgender etiquette, choose to be kind

11 myths about transgender people
The national outcry over the suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, along with the rise of hit TV shows Orange is the New Black and Transparent, has brought more awareness to the unique challenges facing transgender Americans — a segment of the population that's widely marginalized and misunderstood.

SF trans woman stabbed to death; Ecuadorian trans woman murdered in December
Add another death to this current string of trans murders. After this, I am going to stop counting until TDOR.
Police investigating fatal stabbing in Bayview
Woman, 36, identified as victim fatally stabbed in Bayview on Sunday

Call Me MandiThe life of a transgender corrections officer
Life Inside offers perspectives from those who work and live in the criminal justice system.

Locker-room privacy bill called unfair to transgender people dies
A piece of legislation on locker-room privacy was characterized as protection for children Wednesday, but opponents that included legislators, a high school principal and the American Civil Liberties Union said it would roll back protections for transgender people.
Transgender bill shot down
Transgender Locker Room Bill Called ‘Rinse & Repeat Prejudice’ In Committee

Activists Storm LGBTQ Conference in Wake of Queer Latina Killing in Denver
Following the demonstration, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock told organizers that he would not speak at this year's Creating Change conference as planned.

CU to offer transition surgery health coverage for transgender employees
Systemwide coverage likely to begin July 1
University of Colorado to cover transition-related procedures for faculty, staff

Fla. House Bill Could Criminalize Bathroom Use for Transgender People
A new bill put forward by a Florida state lawmaker from Miami could make it a crime to use the restroom that doesn't correspond to your sex at birth, a proposal that could particularly impact transgender Floridians.

Georgia transgender woman killed in shooting, suspect out on $1,000 bond
At Thanksgiving last year, Carol Asberry picked up a video camera and asked her family what they where thankful for.

Name Change Project Arrives In Metro Detroit
The Name Change Project, which provides legal name change services to transgender people, has arrived in Michigan.

Tenant used Midtown Manhattan office for transgender sex parties: lawsuit
The landlord at 12 E. 32 St. is asking a court to evict the tenant, byteLair Inc., which is renting an office on the sixth floor. The alleged parties got so wild that people were having sex in the lobby, according to the lawsuit. Vanessa Vance, the byteLair owner, called the allegations ‘ridiculous’ and said she’s going to file a discrimination suit. She said she’s a software engineer and transgendered.

How Cuomo’s Medicaid Reforms Can Help the Transgender Community
A rule change would recognize the medical necessity of transition-related health care.

2 Men Indicted for Brutal Attack on Transgender Woman in Bushwick, DA Says
Two men have been indicted on hate crime charges for a brutal attack on a transgender woman in Bushwick that left her with permanent brain injuries, the Brooklyn District Attorney's office said.

Community gathers to honor the life of the transgender woman murdered in Tyler
Community members gathered tonight to honor the memory of Ty Underwood, the transgender woman murdered in Tyler last month.
Candlelight vigil remembers transgender homicide victim
Vigil held for victim of shooting

Men deny assaulting transgender woman
Transgender woman spat in one suspect’s face before alleged assault
Assault suspects make first court appearance

Publican reformas que reconocen la identidad de género en el DF
El día de hoy fueron publicadas en la Gaceta Oficial las reformas al Código Civil del DF y al de Procedimientos Civiles del DF por las que se da reconocimiento oficial a la identidad de género de los ciudadanos trans. Las reformas entrarán en vigor en los próximos 30 días.

Sabrina: una mujer tra(ns)bajadora
“Normal” fue la palabra que más reiteró durante nuestro diálogo, como si a Sabrina Carrazana Pérez le resultara excesivo mi interés por conocer detalles de su vida. Ella trabaja en el departamento de Útiles del Hogar en la céntrica Plaza Carlos III, una de las mayores galerías de tiendas del país, perteneciente a la Corporación CIMEX S.A.

Acuerdos entre el rector y Valery
Gracias a la denuncia realizada por la joven transgénero Valery López Vanegas de 14 años, a través de El Diario del Otún, la administración municipal de Dosquebradas en conjunto con el programa ‘Dosquebradas Diversa’, logró conciliar un acuerdo entre el rector Álvaro Dussán y la adolescente, para que pueda retomar sus estudios a partir de hoy.

Ejecutivo incluye proyecto de identidad de género en las prioridades legislativas 2015
El Gobierno impulsará el reconocimiento de la identidad de género de los transgénero y transexuales. En marzo se conformará una mesa con organizaciones de la diversidad sexual, se enviará una indicación sustitutiva al proyecto y se le pondrá suma urgencia.

Not just another woman in search of a dream
“I’m already a woman. I want to have surgery to reward myself, to be prettier. It’s a biological disorder, a genital issue. That’s the contradiction I see. So I would reinvent myself completely,” says 30-year-old Yermén, a Chilean transsexual who’s signed up for a TV contest in which the main prize is a plastic surgery of choice. She also says she’d stop being a Tarot reader and move out of her neighbourhood in the outskirts of Santiago so that people won’t say “that’s the faggot who got himself a pussy.”

Crimen de odio: un hombre confesó que atropelló y mató a una trans
Pamela Moreno apareció muerta al costado de una ruta el 3 de diciembre. Brian Salto, un ex policía de Santiago del Estero, declaró en la causa que la atropelló con su auto. “Yo le pido a la fiscal que me dé pruebas para tranquilizarme, porque al detenido anterior lo largaron por falta de pruebas”, dijo a Infojus Noticias Sandra Gómez, madre de la joven.