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terça-feira, fevereiro 17, 2015

Leading Gay Rights Activist Peter Tatchell Persecuted by Trans Lobby and Intersectional Left
A hundred and thirty darlings of the British political Left signed an open letter at the weekend decrying a “worrying pattern of intimidation and silencing” on university campuses. The response? Intimidation and attempts to silence them from the increasingly shrill and intolerant transgender lobby.
Mary Beard left ‘wanting to cry’ after row over trans ‘censorship’ letter

Stonewall announces it will now campaign for trans rights too
In an historic move, equality charity Stonewall has announced that it will begin lobbying on trans issues.
Stonewall will now campaign on trans rights

Lessons to be learnt from German experience with gender recognition
It was more than a legal issue for a German supreme court judge who is transgender

Rise seen in transvestites, tomboys in society
Director of the Ahmadi Educational Zone, Mona Al-Salal was recently quoted as saying some cases have been discovered of students with abnormal tendencies, that is to say transvestites and tomboys at a rate of between 5 to 10 percent in schools and noted they are uncommon incidents while at the same time rejecting to describe it as a phenomenon, reports Annahar daily.

‘Healthy hermaphrodite’ is both man and woman
Castrated at seven – but now welcoming Malta’s stance on ‘intersex’

Trans Rights Bill to be amended in Senate, likely to die on Order Paper
The Senate will likely kill an NDP MP’s controversial Transgender Rights private member’s bill when it’s amended in the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee next week, say Senate sources.

Epidemic: Murders of transwomen of color largely ignored
Shortly after Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of Time magazine last year, the media worldwide erupted with stories and opinions concerning the Transgender Tipping Point.

Candlelight vigil for victims of transphobic violence
After the killing of a 21-year-old transgender woman this past week, about 20 people paused in the garden patio at the Church of St. Paul in the Desert iin Palm Springs Sunday. They held lit candles in the evening breeze and stood in silence to remember the life of Penny Proud — and the lives of five transgender women of color lost to transphobic violence in 2015.

Jesuit college hosts ‘Queer Prom,’ angers transgender students over name rules
Your name must match your photo ID under campus rules

Trans* in Montana
An in-depth look at the people and issues behind the 'T' in LGBT

TransOhio, OH, USA

1160 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dear TransOhio Friends, Family and Allies:
We are saddened to learn of the murder of Bri Golec, a 22yr old trans woman who resided in Akron, Ohio.
Her father has been arrested and is in jail at this time.
Please keep our Akron trans community in your thoughts and prayers.
We'll provide more info at a later time as they become available.
We are community - We stand strong, together. Always.


Trans woman, 22, stabbed to death by her father
Ohio father claimed his child had joined a 'cult', believed to be a reference to the trans or Pagan community
Ohio Murder May Mark Sixth Killing of a Trans Woman in U.S. This Year

"Un acto de visibilidad para reclamar justicia", dijeron Otra protesta en el Hospital Rossi en La Plata por la agresión que sufrió Andrea Elizabeth Fernandez, activista trans
La semana cerró con una protesta en las puertas del Hospital Rossi de La Plata. Los manifestantes piden justicia luego de que Andrea Elizabeth Fernández fuera operada de urgencia en ese lugar y dos camilleros la insultaron, la golpearon y le "restregaron los genitales" por su mano y su cabeza, según denunció la víctima inmediatamente. Los camilleros están siendo investigados.

Verónika, la primera candidata trans del país que va a las PASO
Va en primer término en una lista de concejales del Frente para la Victoria en San Carlos. Compite el domingo. Su equipo defiende los derechos de los homosexuales, bisexuales, transexuales y de los discapacitados