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quinta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2006

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Worker's sex change 'not noticed'
A transsexual council worker who said he was discriminated against and made to resign after starting to live as a man in 2002 has lost his tribunal case.

A council worker who claimed he was driven out of his job after changing his name from Andrea to Andy has lost his sex discrimination claim.

A tribunal ruled that bosses at Brighton and Hove City Council could not have discriminated against Andy Baldwin as they did not even know he had changed his gender.

A claim by Mr Baldwin, 34, that he was also unfairly dismissed from his US$26,000-a-year job as co-ordinator of the city's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender safety forum was also thrown out in the ruling published yesterday.

Mr Baldwin told the tribunal hearing in November that colleagues became suspicious and uneasy when he started living as a man in 2002, saying he was forced to resign in January 2003 because he felt unsafe working for the council as a transsexual.

He accused his bosses of transphobia - a fear of transsexuals.

But the council insisted that Mr Baldwin's line-manager, and all his senior colleagues, were not aware the applicant was undergoing a sexchange.

Mr Baldwin gave evidence at the tribunal with a beard as a result of monthly hormone injections that have also lowered the pitch of his voice.

Today Sue John, deputy leader of the city council, said: "I am pleased with the judgment, which I think is an accurate reflection of events".

"The council is well aware of its responsibilities to all sections of the city's diverse population".

"Unfortunately, the unfounded claims made at this tribunal were potentially damaging to the council generally and to certain individuals in particular".

"Our head of community safety Linda Beanlands was subjected to a particularly needless and unpleasant attack. Her reputation as one of the council's most caring managers and one of the city's greatest champions for equality is restored."

Between a woman and a man
Felicity Huffman on the bending of genders in 'Transamerica,' life as a 'Housewife' and a mom
By Glenn Whipp, Film Writer

February 08 , 2006 -- On behalf of Sarah Blanchette, a transgender woman, GLAD has settled a lawsuit against St. Anselm College of Manchester, New Hampshire on mutually satisfactory terms. The college fired Ms. Blanchette, a computer programmer, in April 2004, after learning that she would be transitioning from male to female.

January 27, 2006 -- The Internal Revenue Service has released a Chief Counsel Advice Letter in the case of GLAD's client Rhiannon O'Donnabhain, denying a deduction of medical expenses for her sex reassignment surgery on the grounds that it is cosmetic and not medically necessary. “We're disappointed with this recent decision, which runs completely counter to medical evidence,” said GLAD Attorney Karen Loewy. “We will mount a strong challenge and are hopeful that a court will throw out this terrible decision.”