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quinta-feira, maio 18, 2006

Anti-Homophobia Day observed in NZ
Rainbow Labour is urging Parliament to support transgender MP Georgina Beyer's gender identity legislation, and to continue to campaign globally for LGBT rights, as they mark the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO).

Translated from the Spanish by Curtis E. Hinkle of the Organisation Intersex International on behalf of the Panteras Rosa

The group Pink Panthers (Panteras Rosa of Portugal) is asking for international support against the scandalous judgment of the courts which let the murderers of the transsexual woman Gisberta go scot free and is requesting for solidarity in denouncing this in front of Portuguese embassies and consulates this coming June 8.

The judge decided to suspend the sentence against the aggressors which was to be rendered in mid-May, because in his opinion "Gisberta died from drowning and did not die directly from causes related" to the brutal beating she received. (The fact that she was dragged and thrown into the well by the aggressors does not seem relevant) The crime remains therefore unpunished and the aggressors free.

For more information:
Article in Spanish:
You can read an article I translated from Portuguese about this at:,%20Portugal.html

Ironia: Venho a saber disto da Gisberta por um mail estrangeiro (antes de dar uma volta à net, vou sempre ver os mails):
Ironia: Temos uma associação trangender que se remete ao mais puro silêncio, deixando aos Panteras Rosa ( a única associação LGBT que se interessa, pelos vistos) a defesa T, e nem sequer com comparticipação da ªT, só em nome deles.

Boise City includes transsexuals in its discrimination policy
In the end, all it took was a quick vote by the Boise City Council.
But the routine matter of revising the city's employee policy manual was enough to make Nikki Leonard cry, because for the first time in its history, the City of Boise now includes specific references to gender identification in its anti-discrimination policy.
For someone like Leonard, who was born a male but has been living as a woman for the last two and a half years, the news was nothing short of revelatory.