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sábado, junho 17, 2006

[Advice Column]
Dear Abby : Can I punch transsexuals?

DEAR ABBY: I recently met a gorgeous woman I'll call "Giselle." After we had dated for a couple of months and became physically involved, she told me she had had gender reassignment surgery and used to be a man! I was, to say the least, shocked and deeply disturbed.

Boston Herald, MA, USA
A beloved Somerville family doctor has dropped a bombshell on his patients by revealing he is transsexual and will begin seeing patients as a woman.
Dr. Roy Berkowitz-Shelton.

Washington Blade, DC, USA - TELEVISION
CABLE'S LIFETIME CHANNEL, no stranger to gay audiences looking for a "Golden Girls" fix, is also well known for its made-for-television movies. Such projects fall into two categories: those starring the likes of Tori Spelling and Valerie Bertinelli that are about amnesia, stalkers and other such melodrama and those about mothers with difficult teens or children with strange medical conditions.

Mercedes Ruehl (left) and J.D. Pardo star as a mother and her transgender daughter in Lifetime’s ‘A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story.’
(Photo courtesy of Lifetime)

Anchorage Daily News, AK, USA [Commentary]
Even in death, Misty Dawn was the portrait of a lady.

Stockton Record, CA, USA
Family and friends will gather tonight to hold vigil for murder victim Alfred Dibble, a Stockton transvestite beaten last month and left to die.

Souplesse pour changer de sexe
BRUXELLES Un de ses proches affirme que Guy Verhofstadt (VLD) avait été conscientisé aux problèmes des personnes souhaitant changer de sexe par un architecte chargé de relifter sa maison de Toscane, lui-même dans le cas. C'est donc grâce à lui que la promesse de simplifier la situation légale des transsexuels était apparue dans la déclaration gouvernementale de Verhofstadt II, en juillet 2003.

Retour critique sur la pensée du genre
Poursuivant sa réflexion sur la construction des identités sexuelles et sociales, Judith Butler revient, sur l'analyse du genre et du désir.