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quarta-feira, outubro 18, 2006

TransNation: The Wrongs of Transgender Rights
Transgender Rights, the new University of Minnesota Press anthology edited by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang and Shannon Price Minter, is an impressive compilation of work from lawyers and scholars whose contributions range from disturbing to inspirational.

A refreshing look at gender
Do you have any goals for your talks here at Brandeis, anything that you're really looking to educate the college population about in terms of the transgender world?

Top sex change doc ignored guidelines
A top sex change doctor left patients devastated after recommending irreversible surgery without proper checks and told them they could finance the ops by working as escorts, a medical tribunal was told today (tue).
Psychiatrist accused of rushing five patients into changing sex
A Psychiatrist rushed patients into sex-change operations and toldthem that they could pay for the surgery by working as escorts, amedical tribunal was told yesterday.

Charting the transgender rainbow
With our recent media exposure — the "Transgeneration" series on Sundance, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", "Boys Don't Cry", "Transamerica"— it's no wonder more and more straight people are conquering their ignorance, fear and hate. In fact, the majority of people I have talked to about it have been empathetic and understanding.

Chemical cocktail blamed for soaring breast cancer rate
Cocktails of gender-bending chemicals, found in everyday products from CD cases to babies' bottles, may be to blame for soaring rates of breast cancer, scientists have warned.

[New Zealand]
Transgender human rights 'being ignored'
It is not so much blatant discrimination that makes life hard for Claudia McKay.

The case of the ex-girls
Little more than a decade ago, men afflicted with enlarged prostate glands — which can block urine's flow and lead to dangerous infections — had essentially one treatment option: surgery. Now, drugs can often be used to reverse benign prostate enlargement. These so-called prostate pills are available thanks in no small part to a Caribbean population of pseudo-hermaphrodites.

Lithuania sued over transsexual
A Lithuanian transsexual has taken Lithuania to court in Strasbourg for failing to provide a legal framework for him to complete his sex change.

Drag show draws record crowd
Drag Queen Dieta Pepsi dances with students Maria Smith, senior, elementary education, and Tiara Rogers, senior, political science, during the drag show Thursday night.