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quinta-feira, janeiro 18, 2007

Toronto Orthodox man begins new life as a woman

Mordechai's community and friends are still adjusting to his decision to become Nicole – some better than others.
When abba becomes ima: Transsexuals in the Orthodox world
Mordechai, a 31-year-old Orthodox lawyer from Toronto, gave his wife a Jewish divorce this past summer. Then he began his life as Nicole, a woman.

Monica Bauer finds her family
Monica Bauer, a cardiothoracic step-down nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital, member of the Gabriela Coalition, and multi-media artist has just affirmed her "Filipino-ness. "

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Gender-bending made easy in film
"You need a mask, you've got to wear your mask," Marieta sings in Spanish filmmaker Ramón Salazar's "20 Centimeters. " Marieta is, in fact, wearing her mask as she sings the words. Marieta, as much as anyone, needs a mask to protect her from having to stare directly into harsh reality.