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quinta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2007

NI has first transgender seminar
Transvestites and transsexuals in Northern Ireland are holding their first ever conference in Belfast.

[New Zealand]
Upbeat Beyer leaves Parliament smiling
Departing Wairarapa MP Georgina Beyer will retire from Parliament this week with a smile and a flourish and perhaps even a dazzling twirl.
Transexual MP calls it a day
The world's first transexual MP, Georgina Beyer, made her final speech at parliament in Wellington on Wednesday night, having quit after seven years in the job.

[New Zealand]
Cross-dressing lawyer guilty
Cross-dressing Wellington lawyer Dr Rob Moodie has been found guilty of contempt of court and suspended from practising law for three months.

A change from 'strong' to 'flower'
Some say it is insane. Some say it is understandable. But for He Qiang himself, undergoing a transsexual surgery to become a "real woman" is just something he has been dreaming about since he was a little kid.

[VA,USA] [News/Commentary]
A response to the transgender community
In the last issue we published Jennifer Thurman's article, "DNA speaks truth: gender cannot be redefined," which was also posted on the Champion's Web site. The author received an overwhelming response from the public-75 e-mails and counting. The author has contributed this article in order to address the questions and comments raised in the letters.

Some Responses to Media Coverage
A number of articles have followed a wrong thread in an early AP article which suggested that I was showing up as a woman on SAU's campus in 2005. Other than my long nails and modest make-up, I have not been on SAU's campus as me. At their insistence I have cross-dressed (bearing false witness) and appeared as John.
Rally backs transgender prof
Signs at a student rally Monday for Spring Arbor University's transgender professor asked: "What Would Jesus Do?"

[USA] [Books]
Transparent: Love, Family and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers
In the late 90s, lesbian writer Cris Beam moved to Los Angeles. She decided to volunteer at a high school for transgendered teens, and over the next few years, got deeply involved in the lives of a number of transgirls.

Knowledge of laws regarding transsexuals can be helpful
Transsexualism is one of the more emotionally charged, convoluted areas of the law of sex discrimination. You might think it's not your problem, but you'd be wrong.