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segunda-feira, fevereiro 12, 2007

[ME,USA] [News/Commentary]
$250,000 to Teach 'Transgenderism'
The great state of Maine has budgeted a quarter of a million dollars for a program to teach public school children about... transgenderism.
You know what transgenderism is. It's when a man has his willy cut off, dons a dress, and goes around looking like he's left over from a Monty Python skit. Or it's when a woman has her breasts cut off and tries to walk like John Wayne.

Support rally planned for transgender prof
A rally will be held Monday to help a transgender Spring Arbor University professor keep her job.

Police try recruiting gays, lesbians and transgendered
Toronto police were at a community centre in the Church and Wellesley area yesterday afternoon hoping to further expand the force's diversity portfolio through one of many recruiting sessions, this one aimed at members of the city's gay, lesbian and transgendered community.

Vladimir Luxuria in visita al carcere di Foggia
"Il carcere non è una discarica sociale e voi non siete dei rifiuti" Ha esordito così Vladimir Luxuria, il primo onorevole transessuale della storia d´Italia, in visita al carcere della sua città, Foggia, che per la prima volta ha aperto le porte al Cinema.