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sexta-feira, fevereiro 02, 2007

Family questions SFPD probe in trans death
Family members and friends are questioning the San Francisco Police Department's investigation of a transgender woman who was found dead in a Tenderloin motel room last November.
[PHOTO: Daxi Arredondo died in a San Francisco motel room last November.]

Stilista trans pro-Pacs vede Cicchitto, vuol candidarsi con Fi
Un'icona transex della moda italiana che si definisce "berlusconiana" e che è favorevole ai Pacs solo se non equiparati al matrimonio vuole candidarsi al Parlamento col centrodestra e oggi, per questo, ha incontrato il vice coordinatore di Forza Italia, Fabrizio Cicchitto.

Transgender murder suspect indicted by grand jury
The man accused of killing a local cocktail waitress has been indicted by a grand jury. Raven Navajo faces charges of first degree murder and robbery.
photo: Raven Navajo

Trans au travail: Transition difficile…
Plusieurs affaires récentes rappellent les difficultés professionnelles auxquelles font face les personnes en cours de changement de sexe. Pour répondre aux questions, et parfois aux craintes et préjugés, des employeurs et des collègues, le groupe Trans de 360 est de plus en plus sollicité.

[TX, USA] Transgender students’ trials documented in TransGeneration
It is the true story of four transgender students, picked to have their lives taped as they journeyed through their first year of college while coming to terms with their sexuality.
This is not a twist to MTV's The Real World, but a documentary series and account of what life is like for transgender students at college campuses throughout the nation.
PHOTO: STANDING STRONG: Raci Ignacio, one of the students featured in the documentary TransGeneration, will speak at the series finale

Transgender pioneer honored
Members of the Human Rights Commission, staff, family, and colleagues of Claire Skiffington gather to acknowledge her work as a transgender activist at the San Francisco Human Rights Commission meeting Thursday, January 25.

[Canada] [News/Health]
When daddy is pregnant
When Evan Smith approached her doctor with irregular menstual cycles and weight gain, the doctor investigated a number of possible explanations relating to her use of testosterone for two years when she transitioned to be male. (She's since transitioned again and now considers herself a genderqueer femme.) Smith worried that her previous use of testosterone was having ongoing side effects, like polycystic ovaries or even cervical cancer.
Photo: PATERNAL INSTINCT. Trans parenting working group member Syrus Ware tries a bump on for size while Nik Redman looks on. (Chris Ablett)