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domingo, janeiro 28, 2007

Unhappy as a boy, Kim became youngest ever transsexual at 12
A boy of 12 is believed to have become the world's youngest sex change patient after convincing doctors that he wanted to live the rest of his life as a female.

Beauty at what price?
Excerpt: Last week, I interviewed the famous Donita Ganzon-Gold. ....That interview was a very interesting one. I couldn't help but ask about her transsexual surgery.

New gender in one go
Last week, 25-year-old marketing executive Shruti Srivastava told her family she was going out of town for a week. She lied, with reason. She went to a hospital across town to become a man. Usually done in stages, this is the first time the complete female-to-male sex reassignment surgery was done at one go in India.

[Mexico] [News/Commentary]
Mexico's Transexual Amendment?
Excerpt: It is hoped by transexual activists that other nations will follow cue in pushing for such liberal legislative action..... Conservatives, on the other hand, realize how crucial it is for nations to support biblical family values in order to maintain the backbone of society.

Parole board approves transsexual bank robber's release
The woman who became known as the ''Bookworm Bandit'' while robbing banks across Canada will be released to a halfway house soon.
Tranny robber nears release
The Bookworm Bandit, a transsexual who launched a series of bank heists almost 10 years ago in Edmonton, is to be released to a halfway house soon.

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'Tis pity she's a whore
Excerpt: On the Stroll performs an invaluable service. Highcrest cracks wide open the stereotype of "a prostitute." She is a transsexual lesbian (a man-turned-woman who sexually prefers women); she is also politically aware and highly educated with experience as journalist.

Transgender Athletes: The Story of Stella Walsh
Excerpt: Transgender athletes are often viewed as the red headed stepchildren of the athletic realm, and are met with harsh scrutiny both from other athletes and gay people in general.

Photo: Stella Walsh

Harrassment policy to include 'gender identity'
Excerpt: The amended version of the Equal Opportunity Policy, which appears in faculty and staff handbooks, now forbids harassment and discrimination on the basis of "gender identity." In addition, the faculty approved altering the phrase "sexual orientation or preference" to read only "sexual orientation. "

Transgender issues topic of forum
Changing your gender requires cutting through a lot of red tape, and in Texas, that means defending your decision to a judge.
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and Gender, Education, Advocacy & Resources (GEAR) partnered to present the Transgender Legal Forum at the Resource Center of Dallas last week. Eight judges and several litigators joined more than 30 community folks to learn about the legal hardships that transgender people face.
Photo: Jessica Davis, a founding member of GEAR

"Gender nonconformists" try to fit in
Some young people don't comfortably fit within society's conventions of male and female - the boy who plays with dolls, say, or the girl who plays football. They may or may not be gay or transgender, but that doesn't matter to those who taunt them or assault them - or, occasionally, even murder them.