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sexta-feira, janeiro 19, 2007

Transsexual Woman In Online Suicide Bid
A transsexual woman in Llanelli has attempted suicide in a desperate bid to get others in her position the treatment they need.

Canada’s health-care system ‘don’t do transexuals’
Patient turned away because of her sexual orientation

Executable offences
Excerpt: "Homosexuality is illegal, but sex changes are legal. Many men are changing their sex. The one way you can sleep with men is to change your sex."

Taiwan Probes School's Discrimination Against Sex-change Teacher
Taiwan's Education Ministry said on Thursday that it will probe a missionary school's alleged discrimination against a male teacher who wants to undergo a sex-change operation to become a woman.

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Girls on Film
Filmmaker Lisa Marie Evans has recorded what's inside a transsexuals pants, but turning the camera on herself isn't so easy.

Transgender inmate sentenced to prison for trying to fake death
A transgender thief who was released from prison in 2005 to die of AIDS at home has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for trying to use a forged death certificate to avoid prosecution on identity theft charges.

Storme system
Storme Aerison is best-known in Colorado Springs for her eight-day stint in 1990 as a Coronado High School cheerleader — which ended in her arrest when her peers noticed stubble sticking through her thick makeup.
At the time, Aerison — who has used several aliases over the years — actually was Charles Daugherty, a 26-year-old intersexed person, or hermaphrodite, whose parents never opted for sex-assignment surgery.
Storme Aerison faces bond violation, fraud and theft charges.
Photo courtesy of El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

Reed-ing Between the Lines
Though not well-known today, female-to-male philanthropist Reed Erickson provided funding for one of the first US gay organizations and some of the earliest services for transgender people.

Series focuses on grief, suicide
Suicide, grief and the transgender experience will be the focus of a series of events at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 2945 N.W. Circle Blvd., over the next three months, beginning with a seminar Saturday titled "Touched by Suicide: Beginning a Healing Conversation. "