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sexta-feira, janeiro 26, 2007

[South Korea]
Excerpt: More recently, transsexual actress Ha Ri Su also filed a complaint with the police against a 30-year-old man who had been posting defamatory messages about her on her website..... The man also reportedly left messages like 'those who like Ha Ri Su are not human' on her fan sites.

When Bay Area attorney Victoria Kolakowski applied to take the bar exam in Louisiana in the late 1980s, her initial application was rejected on the basis that she was "not of sound mind." Kolakowski is a transgender woman, and as such, was thought to be inherently out of touch with reality. Thus, in addition to studying and practicing for her future career, Kolakowski had to present evidence to the Louisiana Supreme Court that she was indeed competent and capable of pursuing her career.
Administrative Law Judge Victoria Kolakowski. Photo: Cynthia Laird

The self-described transgender escort accused of murdering a local cocktail waitress appeared in court Wednesday. Raven Navajo is charged with murdering Brenda Schmalfeldt and then throwing her body in a dumpster.