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terça-feira, janeiro 23, 2007

Online suicide bid highlights trans isolation
A Welsh transsexual woman took an overdose of pills, then sent emails to health groups and media outlets, protesting at the way in which gender reassignment surgery is regarded.

Letters to the editor (Tranies)
In her letter in GLW #694, Karen Gurney wrote: "People with transsexualism seek both surgical and hormonal realignment of their physical sex characteristics with those of their brain. Their gender is fixed and they are happy with it; it's just the external body that needs rehabilitation. Transgender people have a fixed physical sex and a variable gender identity."

[India] [Films/People]
Body Search
WHENEVER Sushanto Das looked in the mirror, he loathed the reflection. He tried on women's clothes, burned the hair on the skin. Then he went for a sex-reorientation surgery. He became she, Sushanto became Tista, a girl with a nose ring, who happily wrapped a red sari and wore a bright bindi. The story reads easy but the script Tista lived out in reality was not, says Umesh Bist, a Delhi-based documentary filmmaker who captures her life in 32- minutes in Beyond Reflection.

A Proud Young Woman
I was...
I was born Vijay, to Marwari parents in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Some of the earliest memories I have are of being different from the other boys around me. At that stage, I couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was that made me feel so trapped and helpless. As a child, one is not equipped to handle thoughts as mature and complex as gender or sexuality. But as I grew older and more aware of the world around me, I also became more aware of the world inside of me. And it confused me more.

New York's Allanah Starr discusses her life and fame as a Transsexual
The stunning Allanah Starr is New York City's transsexual queen of all media, starring in films, radio, television, nightlife and the Internet. From Communist Cuba to the biggest city in America, Allanah has sculpted herself a new self and an enormous niche in the TVTS community. Eros Zine asked her to take some time out of her busy schedule to tell us all about her multifaceted life.

Md. Quandary: Where To Place Transsexual Convict
Officials at the Maryland Division of Corrections say they have no policies on whether transsexual inmates should be housed with male or female prisoners.

Gender identity transformed from 'freak' into rights issue
Japan looks to respect rights of those with gender disorders, but even progress carries its own set of risks.