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terça-feira, janeiro 30, 2007

Comment: Making people pay could 'help costs'
Excerpt: Who is to determine that a particular operation is a luxury the NHS should not pay for? While everybody might agree that tattoo removal is not an NHS priority, there would be differing views about gender reassignment (sex change) operations, or hysterectomies for painful periods. One patient's luxury is another's desperate need.

12-year-old trans case "not unusual"
A 12-year-old Austrian child has undergone gender reassignment treatment after persuading his parents and doctors that she was sure she was a girl.
The child, known as Kim, was born a boy and is currently receiving hormone treatment which will eventually lead to gender reassignment surgery.
It is very unusual for someone so young to even be considered for gender reassignment.
Persia West, who is a transgender activist, spoke to uk about the case.
"It is absolutely not unusual for trans people to know from a very early age. Being transgender is a birth condition."