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quarta-feira, janeiro 31, 2007

Shoah, Luxuria: "Roma ricordi vittime gay barbarie nazi-fascista"
''Mi auguro che il sindaco di Roma in occasione delle celebrazioni della giornata della memoria dia una concreta indicazione per la costruzione di un monumento per ricordare le vittime gay e transessuali sacrificate durante il nazifascismo".

Sgozzata una transessuale sul Lago Maggiore
In breve la notizia e poi il commento. Una transessuale è stata trovata sgozzata nella sua villetta in provincia di Novara, sul Lago Maggiore. Aveva trent'anni, viveva da due anni nella casa dove è stata trovata morta e, come tutti, aveva degli amici (è stato proprio un suo amico ad allertare i carabinieri).

Leading US psychiatric researcher strongly criticizes such procedures
A boy of 12 began receiving radical hormone treatment to stop the natural development of male puberty and prepare his body for a sex-change operation, after doctors and psychiatrists diagnosed him as transsexual.
Sex-change child wants operation sooner
The German boy believed to be the youngest sex change patient in the world, who started hormone treatment at the age of 12, wants to bring forward the final operation by two years.
Youngest-Ever Sex-Change Patient Sparks Debate
Two years ago, a 12-year-old German boy became perhaps the youngest-ever patient to embark upon a sex change.
Christian Group 'Boggled' by 14-Year-Old's Sex Change Decision
The nation's largest Christian public policy women's organization is baffled by the news of a 14-year-old German boy who has decided,with the approval of his parents, to undergo a sex change - making him most likely the youngest patient in history to receive the procedure.
CWA: Political Correctness Endangers Child; Youngest Boy in History to Undergo Sex Change
A 14-year-old German boy has decided to undergo a sex change, making him the youngest patient in history to receive this extreme procedure. The young boy Tim, who prefers to be called "Kim," has wanted gender reassignment surgery since he was 12 and claims to have considered himself female since age two. Concerned Women for America (CWA) is saddened that doctors and parents have fostered this young boy's gender confusion and are allowing him to go forward with the surgery.
Tranny Baby Drama!
Kids these days! You guys may be interested to hear that an Austrian boy started taking hormones at twelve-years old in his effort to become a woman. Or, rather, a girl.

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Transgendered in Coahuila
Excerpt: Things are particularly extreme for poor transsexuals, Badillo said. Lacking money for proper operations, many will inject their backsides and chests with cooking oil. Some die in the process.