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domingo, fevereiro 04, 2007

Boys will be girls
"SEX-CHANGE child wants operation sooner" was the headline that caught my eye this week. This was the story of Tim, 14, a German boy, who is being given hormone injections to become a girl.
Daily Letters (Sex-change delusion)
Sir - Every profession has members of whom colleagues are deeply ashamed. I am a consulting psychiatrist, and I am appalled at the ignorance shown by my German colleagues who have approved the wish of a 12-year-old to "change sex" ( uk, January 31).
Dr Joseph Berger, Toronto, Canada
12-year-old trans child - a clarification
Transsexual activist Persia West has asked uk to publish the following clarification of her comments on the reported case of a 12-year-old child in Austria who underwent gender reassignment treatment: "It is entirely normal for a transsexual person to know that they are trans at an early age, even before the age of 12, as is the case of the young person in Vienna which has been given publicity recently.

Supreme Court Of Canada Declines Transsexual Case
The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday declined to hear the case of a transsexual woman who was denied a job at a rape crisis center because she was not born biologically female.
Supreme Court Of Canada won't hear Kimberly Nixon case/Case put trans discrimination on the map
The Supreme Court will not hear arguments about whether a women's service organization erred in excluding a trans person from working with the Vancouver-based group. The Feb 1 decision denying "leave to appeal" to the Supreme Court Of Canada leaves Kimberly Nixon without further recourse for her exclusion from Vancouver Rape Relief.
[Photo] NOT LISTENING. The Supreme Court Of Canada will not hear Kimberly Nixon's case; her initial human rights complaint was vindicated but it was overturned by the BC Supremes. (Dan Jackson)

‘Katoeys’ hit the music scene
Venus Flytrap is Thailand's first ladyboys band to sign a record deal. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants.

[IL, USA] What Sex Am I?
When Cynthia was born, doctors took their best guess as to whether she was a girl or a boy, and a surgeon altered her ambiguous genitalia to match. But her experience and the experience of other adults like her have led doctors and activists to radically reconsider the treatment of intersex children.
PHOTO: Cynthia

[USA] [Commentary]
Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly talented people who, like me, are transgender. I know my view on this is skewed, but it seems there is quite the pool of talent within the community as a whole.