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sábado, fevereiro 03, 2007

Transsexual loses battle in top court to help at rape clinic
The Supreme Court of Canada has denied a transsexual woman a hearing on her 12-year-old case against Vancouver Rape Relief, a non-profit feminist group that provides a crisis line and transition house run by volunteers.

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Trans-fixated Am I gay or bored?
Excerpt: Most people eat or watch TV when they're bored, they don't go out and sleep with a transsexual. And yes, that's the right term. Terms like "chicks with dicks," "trannies," or "shemales" are considered offensive and used mostly by an enormous porn industry catering to straight men who are turned on by the idea of a man who looks like a babe but is hung like a horse.

MTA Hit for Transphobia
Housing Works, an AIDS advocacy and services agency, led 40 people in a demonstration against the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority headquarters on Madison and 44th on Wednesday, protesting the illegal harassment of transgendered people by an MTA employee.

Intersexual's Bleak Confinement Okayed
In an unprecedented case involving the rights of an intersexual prison inmate, a Denver federal appeals court found that even though Wyoming officials could have done a better job of safely confining Miki Ann DiMarco, the state did not violate her rights by holding her in spartan solitary confinement.

Planning ramps up for passage of trans bill
With the transgender non-discrimination and hate crimes bill on the state legislature' s docket for the new session, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is working to ramp up a campaign to pass what would be the first statewide transgender civil rights legislation in Massachusetts history.
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition co-chair Holly Ryan. Photo: Marilyn Humphries

Witness: Officer didn’t interview onlookers at crime scene
At the latest hearing on police conduct related to the death of atransgender woman, a witness disputed claims by an officer on the scene who said the woman was a slip-and-fall victim and thus no investigation was necessary.