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segunda-feira, fevereiro 05, 2007

E' il più giovane trans del mondo
A 12 anni è diventato il più giovane transessuale che la storia ricordi.
Quel traitement pour une transsexuelle de 12 ans?
Kim, une jeune allemande de 14 ans, serait la «plus jeune transsexuelle du monde». Révélé récemment, son cas crée la polémique.

Valli Lanzo: trovato cadavere di un trans
I resti di un cadavere sono stati trovati ieri in bosco delle Valli di Lanzo, in Piemonte. Gli inquirenti sono convinti che si tratti del corpo di Cosimo Andriani, un transessuale torinese conosciuto come Valentina e assassinato il 1 maggio del 1995.

Cambiare sesso ma senza bisturi
Venticinque anni fa chiedevano un intervento gratis negli ospedali perché solo i ricchi potevano operarsi a Casablanca o Londra. Oggi al Sant'Orsola ogni anno 24 persone vanno sotto i ferri. «Ma molti rischiano solo per avere un altro nome» denuncia il Mit che chiede una nuova legge

Personal Column: Trapped in the wrong body
Jenny Kirk, 27, almost felt jealous when she heard that a 12-year-old in Germany had been diagnosed as a transsexual and was receiving treatment

No cuts to sex change services, PCT says
Funding for sex change operations will not be scrapped from next year, Hounslow Primary Care Trust has announced.
Photo: Rebecca Dittman, from the Gender Trust

Transsexual prisoner victimised
A rapist serving time in one of Britain's toughest jails claims he is being victimised by staff and inmates because he is a male transsexual.

Turkish government proposes to outlaw LGBT websites
A proposal by the Turkish government to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey is threatening online gay rights in Turkey.
"Web Sitelerimiz Tehdit Altýnda (Our websites are being threatened)" . Lambdaistanbul, Jan 28, 2007

Citizenship ‘Transgendered’ ID Issued for Nepali Meti
A transgendered person has been legally recognised in Nepal for the first time in the country's history.
Nepali becomes both man and woman
Nepal has a community of men identifying themselves as women. The authorities in Nepal have granted a man who dresses and behaves as a woman both male and female citizenship.
Photo: Nepal has a community of men identifying themselves as women

University firing transgender prof
Professor John Nemecek picked tough ground to make a stand in his journey to womanhood.

College dean John Nemecek decides to be true to his inner woman
Joanne Nemecek returned from a weekend trip to find her Spring Arbor house blooming with four dozen roses. "Something seemed strange," she said. Said her husband, John: "I like flowers, and it was a way to welcome her home." John welcomed two women home that day: his wife of 35 years, and Julie Marie, the inner woman he had squelched for half a century.

Transgender terms
Terms regarding transgender individuals can be confusing. Here are some distinctions, culled from various sources: