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sábado, fevereiro 10, 2007

[New Zealand]
Georgina Beyer prepares for return to the stage
Excerpt: Four years later the prostitute, turned actor, turned politician became the world's first transsexual Member of Parliament, winning the seat of Wairarapa for the Labour Party.

Cross-country: Transvestites come under attack
A group of transvestites had stones thrown at their house after they refused to entertain several men whom they had met earlier yesterday.

Dictionary publishers exclude gender terms
Brisbane-based trans activist Linda Petrie has lodged a complaint with state and federal education ministers over the omission of the terms `transsexual' and `transgender' from certain school dictionaries.

[DC,USA] Plea Agreement Reached In Transgender Woman Murder Case
A plea agreement was reached on Thursday in the murder of a transgender woman in the District. Preston Logan agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Grafton Lee "Diamond" Person.
Photo: Grafton Lee "Diamond" Person

Stonewall, once dingy gay icon, to be ‘nicer’
The Stonewall nightclub at 53 Christopher St. in the West Village remains closed, but not for long. Just weeks away from reopening, Stonewall's new owners have planned a classier version of the legendary gay venue while still paying homage to its history.

[PA, USA] Trans woman spared deportation
Thanksgiving Day 2006 was particularly gratifying for Chrissy Johnson, a Philadelphia transgender woman. That was her first full day of freedom, after convincing a judge that she shouldn't be deported to Jamaica.
Photo: Chrissy Johnson

The Women of Pedro Almodóvar
Excerpt: Before then, when you talked about "an Almodóvar film," it was pretty clear what you were talking about ... above all there were the demimondaine characters—drag queens, transsexuals, prostitutes, junkies—who were handy, vivid symbols of the transgressive themes the then-young Almodóvar, during the heady years of the post-Franco cultural explosion, was clearly eager to explore—and to flaunt.

Transcending MLK’S Dream
MOMENTS BEFORE TRACEE MCDANIEL prepared to approach the podium outside The King Center on what would have been the revered civil rights leader's 78th birthday, she began to second-guess the speech she was about to give.
PHOTO: Tracee McDaniel is the first transgender individual to deliver a speech during Atlanta's MLK festivities, and is attempting to deliver new resources to other transgender locals through the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation, a non-profit agency she founded last year. (Photo by Bo Shell)

[USA] [Radio/People/ Books]
'The Second Half of My Life'
Dr. Richard Raskind was a champion tennis player and a renowned eye surgeon with a wife and son. But in 1975, Renee Richards emerged, after a highly publicized sex reassignment operation. Richards talks about her new book and questions the effects of her decisions and her notoriety.
Photo: Renee Richards