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sábado, maio 19, 2007

Comienza a funcionar la nueva unidad de identidad de género en Madrid
Desde hoy funcionará la nueva Unidad Médica de Identidad de Género de la Comunidad de Madrid, con 26 profesionales que se ocuparán de la asistencia a personas transexuales.

Padua prostitutest fine on clients
Prostitutes in Padua on Wednesday protested against a new fine on clients caught in the act, which is aimed at cleaning up the streets of this northeastern Italian city.
Prostitutes march over mayor's dirty tricks
Hundreds of prostitutes, anti-globalisation dissidents and bemused bystanders brought Padua to a standstill yesterday as they protested against the city's clampdown on the world's oldest profession.
Transsexual heads up prostitution rally
A Brazilian transsexual named Kristal offered leadership skills this week to protesting prostitutes in the northern Italy city of Padua.

Lady boys become a business
It was Friday night in Pattaya, a Thai beach resort better known for its wild entertainment scene than its beaches, and the main attraction was the 10th Miss Tiffany's Universe beauty pageant.

Comunidad homosexual argentina denuncia leyes 'arcaicas y discriminatorias'
La Comunidad Homosexual de Argentina (CHA) presentó hoy un informe en el que denuncia el 'arcaísmo' de algunas leyes del país en las que se relacionan orientación sexual con 'ciertos actos delictivos'.

Where is (s)he ?
Plans by the Falmouth police to arrest members of the mob that assaulted a cross-dresser in the square of this North Coast town three weeks ago have hit a snag in the face of revelations that the victim is actually a 21-year-old conman on the run.

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Hermaphrodites who don't know it
People of ambiguous gender are more common than society realises and many do not even know they blur the line between male and female, a visiting expert says.

Transsexual parade
Director Jeremy Stanford's documentary Trantasia aims to be the flagship for a series of transsexual entertainment enterprises.
PHOTO: Cassandra Cass, one of the stars of Trantasia.

Sheriff to investigate Largo departments
The City Commission will ask Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coats to investigate whether any of the city's elected officials or employees violated the city charter in the months leading up to the firing of former City Manager Steve Stanton in March.
Commission grapples with Stanton fallout
Depending on who's talking, this week's City Commission vote to seek an investigation into who knew what about Steve Stanton's plans for sex-change surgery is either an attempt to clear the air or part of a smear campaign.
Susan Stanton makes D.C. debut
Former Largo, Fla., city manager Steve Stanton, who was fired two months ago for being transgender, came out as Susan in Washington Monday.

UCSF gives up nearly $1M in trans funding
The University of California at San Francisco has relinquished nearly $1 million in federal grants that support two programs that serve the transgender community.

Sparks Is First Trans Person to Lead Major Commission
This week, the San Francisco Police Commission elected openly-transgender Commissioner Theresa Sparks as the new President of the Commission.

Trans lobby day gets 120 participants
One of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition's (MTPC) goals for its first lobby day at the State House, held May 15, was to show Beacon Hill that there is a large constituency that supports the transgender non-discrimination and hate crimes legislation.

Transsexual Wins Battle Over Surgery Payment
A 15-month battle with the administrator of a company insurance plan over the cost of sex reassignment surgery has ended in victory for an Ohio transsexual woman.

Portland Police Asking for Help Locating Transgender Murder Suspec
On May 4th, at 9:40 PM, Portland Police Bureau Homicide Detectives were called to the 5700 block of North Kerby Avenue after Northeast Precinct officers found the body of 51-year-old Frank Johnson.
Photo: Portland Police 48-year-old David Wayne French

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Sick Sad World: The first transgender Prom Queen
Fresno, Calif. is a city that voted overwhelmingly for Bush, both in 2000 and 2004. Fresno is a place that still has cow-tipping and high school parties in the fig fields. Fresno is a place where we needed security guards at our synagogue during the High Holy Days to prevent bad things from happening. And as of last Saturday, Fresno is a place that picked a transgender student named Johnny Vera to be Prom Queen.

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The T Isn’t Silent, But HRC Is
It's coming up on two years ago that I wrote an "Open Letter toCheryl Jacques." A month after I posted my open letter, Jacques greeted transgender protesters outside of Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) offices with the news that HRC would not support any version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that didn't include transgender protections.

Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic
A new clinic at Children's Hospital Boston is offering hormone treatment to young children identified as "transgender" to facilitate eventual surgery for a gender switch, according to a report by MassResistance May 17.