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segunda-feira, maio 14, 2007

Transgender Europe - Invitation to Join
For further information go to
Or email TransGender Europe - tgeurope@tgeu. net

Ukrainian drag queen a front-runner at Eurovision
She may spark outrage among her more conservative compatriots, but Ukrainian drag queen Verka Serduchka has won bookmarkers' hearts: she's the favourite at this year's Eurovision song contest.
Photo: Verka Serduchka © AFP/DDP/File Roland Magunia

Englishman reports a late-night Transsexual Wallet-Snatch on Pattaya Beach
In the early hours of Saturday Morning, Mr. Lance Mostac aged 57 from England made a report to the Daily Logs Clerk at Pattaya Police Station concerning an alleged theft of a wallet. The suspect was a transsexual who was selling sex on Pattaya Beach.

Stanton lobbies Congress Tuesday
Weeks before she plans to live full time as a woman, Susan Ashley Stanton will lobby Congress.

(Rethinking) Gender
A growing number of Americans are taking their private struggles with their identities into the public realm. How those who believe they were born with the wrong bodies are forcing us to re-examine what it means to be male and female.
Live Talk: Rethinking Gender
Join NEWSWEEK's Debra Rosenberg for a Live Talk on Wednesday, May 16, at noon, ET, on the changing definitions of gender

A NASCAR Racer On Her Sex Change
A NASCAR champion gave up everything to become a woman. Can she reclaim her racing life?

[USA] [People/Interview]
Alexis Arquette on the Politics of Gender Change
Seventeen-year- old Alexis Arquette landed her first acting role in 1986 playing a transgender in "Last Exit To Brooklyn." Eighteen years later, she went through a real transition from man to woman. Arquette, an actress, musician and cabaret drag performer, comes from a family of actors that includes siblings Patricia, David, Richmond and Rosanna Arquette, father Lewis Arquette and grandfather Cliff Arquette. She's done almost 70 films—mostly indie, some adult—but one of her most memorable roles was as the Boy George character in 1998's "The Wedding Singer." "I did play transgender characters that were comedy roles and I feel bad about that now," says Arquette, 37. "That Boy George character, it's offensive to me now." She's now starring in a forthcoming A&E documentary about her transition, "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother," which just debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Photo: We Are Family: Rosanna, Alexis and Patricia Arquette (left to right) at the GLAAD Media Awards in Hollywood, April 2006

[USA] [People/Interview]
Q&A: A Prudential VP on Her Transition
A veteran of corporate America says big companies are leading the way in helping transgender social reform.

Resources for Gender and Transgender Issues
Web sites with more information about gender identity.

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Is Transgender “The New Gay?”
What is gender anyway? It is certainly more than the physical details of what's between our legs. History and science suggest that gender is more subtle and more complicated than anatomy. (It's separate from sexual orientation, too, which determines which sex we're attracted to.)

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Newsweek Cover Story: The Riddle of Gender
The coverage of transgender issues on the national stage continues. Newsweek's cover page this week is entitled "The Riddle of Gender," and there are several articles on the topic.

[USA] [Blog/News]
West Palm Beach, FL passes gender identity ordinance
The City Commission of West Palm Beach, Florida, has adopted an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against transgender people. Looking at this development against the backdrop of Florida as a whole shows that Florida is a surprising mix of progressive and retrograde.