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segunda-feira, maio 07, 2007

ME: Trans death a ‘hit and run’
The death of trans woman Erica Keel has been classified as a "hit-and-run accident" by the city Medical Examiner's Office, but police dispute the classification and don't anticipate criminal charges against the driver.

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L.A. Times Sportswriter Mike Penner Will Come Back from Vacation as 'Christine'
The world is turned upside-down. I challenge "Mike/Christine" to do a column describing, in detail, "sex-reassignment surgery" - whereby a penis is turned into a makeshift "vagina" - assuming he is one day going to go that route. ("Transitioning" people are required to live one year as the opposite sex before undergoing the horrifying operation.) Then we'll see just how "natural" all of this is.

CWA: Many Thanks to President Bush for "Hate Crimes" Veto Pledge
"We thank President Bush for honoring our nation's constitutional tradition of equal protection under the law," said Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues at Concerned Women for America. The Executive Office of the President has issued a statement promising to veto "hate crimes" bill H.R.1592 should it be approved in Congress today.
Dr. Dobson Applauds Bush's Pledge to Veto 'Hate-Crimes' Bill
U.S. House passes legislation contradicting the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection.