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sábado, abril 28, 2007

Uccisa una transessuale a Pescara
Emanuela Di Cesare, una transessuale trentasettenne, è stata trovata morta a Pescara. Probabilmente si tratta di un omicidio: la donna era nuda, riversa sul divano, nella sua abitazione e aveva la testa fracassata da un'arma ancora ignota.
Vita da trans: gli stereotipi, il dramma, una storia
Manuela di Cesare è la terza transessuale uccisa nel 2007 in Italia. Nel 2006 sono stati 30 gli omicidi che hanno colpito uomini e donne che hanno affrontato o stavano per "transitare" da un sesso all'altro.

[UK] [Events]
City Hall venue for trans dialogue
A public meeting next week aims to foster a frank dialogue between London's trans community and providers of gender identity services.

Man robs bank to pay for boob job
It's Dog Day Afternoon - the Austrian version. A man has been jailed after robbing a bank to pay for a breast operation for his transvestite lover.

[Australia] [News/Sports]
Aussie Trannie Wins Right to Play
The Tasmanian women's soccer league decided on Wednesday, June 21, to allow male-to-female transsexual Martine Delaney, formerly Martin Delaney, to continue to play in the league.

J'ai changé de sexe ? Et alors ?
Cette semaine, l'historien saguenéen Russel Bouchard a avoué publiquement être un «transgenre» Ce coming out est important. Il n'a pas seulement soulagé le principal intéressé (qui se fait maintenant appeler Aurore Boréale). Avec un peu de chance, il incitera aussi d'autres «marginaux» à sortir du placard.

[USA] [News/Television]
Transgender Kid: God Made a Mistake
Riley Grant claims he is a 10-year-old girl in a boy's body. He was given the name Richard at birth but now goes to school with long hair, girls' clothing and the name Riley.

[USA] [News/Sports]
USGA Welcomes Trans Golfers
To little fanfare, the United States Golf Association this week adopted a policy to allow post-op transgender male-to-female golfers to participate in women's tournaments.

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Sports Writer To Become Woman
American athleticism' s growing increasingly queer. Former B-Baller John Amaechi cracked open the sportsman's closet when he came out a few months ago, now Los Angeles Times' Mike Penner's filling it up with dresses. The jocko-journo used yesterday's column to announce his plans to become a woman.
Sportswriter Takes Transgender Identity Public
Mike Penner of the L.A. Times Wrote a Column to Explain Some Changes, Including His New Name: Christine

[NY,USA] [People]
Alexis Arquette On Being Transgender
"Is me feeling female the same as J. Lo feeling black? I don't know." So said Alexis Arquette as she pondered her gender during the press conference for Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother in Chelsea Thursday afternoon. The movie premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival Monday night.
Director Matthew Barbato with Alexis before the press conference