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terça-feira, abril 24, 2007

Finalmente veio a confirmação. O segundo debate realizar-se-à dia 28 deste mês pelas 16 horas no Centro Comunitário Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa, desta vez com a presença dos profissionais do Hospital Júlio de Matos (Pedro de Freitas e Íris Monteiro), representante dos Médicos pela Escolha (não informaram quem) e Representantes do Grupo de Trabalho sobre Transexualidade da Assoc. ILGA Portugal (no site até parece que são uma organização extra-ILGA ou que estão a tentar separar o grupo para ter mais aceitação, embora continuem a ter o autismo e soberba do costume, como se viu no debate anterior, pois aparece assim: Representantes do Grupo de Trabalho sobre Transexualidade (Assoc. ILGA Portugal) ). A ver se aceitam melhor as opiniões de quem sabe o que sabe por sentir na pele desta vez.

MoD Media Officer's post under spotlight as Transsexual starts
The now vacant post of Ministry of Defence Press Officer in Gibraltar has come under the spotlight after former Parachute Regiment officer Jan Hamilton, who recently underwent a sex change operation, has started proceedings against the MoD.

[EUA] [TV]
ABC 20/20 Friday Night - lives of children trapped in their own bodies
Friday, April 27th at 10 p.m. EDT: Barbara Walters looks at the lives of children trapped in their own bodies, wanting to be the opposite sex.
[Blogs/Television] Barbara Walters interviews transgender children
Our friends at TransKids Purple Rainbow, a national advocacy organization for transgender children, gave us a heads up about an exciting project that they have been working on with Barbara Walters and ABC News.

Pitch switch: Transsexuals get speech therapy
When you listen to Gracie Daniels speak, you would never know that she was once a man. Standing at a model's height, her feminine, yet somewhat stern-sounding, voice matches a slender body that shows no trace of her former gender.
Media Credit: Erin Shea/photo editor. Johnna Fisher is a transsexual who completed sessions at the GW Speech and Hearing Center. About one-third of the clients are transsexuals.

Week-long celebration recognizes experiences of transgendered people
The University's first Trans Week of Celebration begins today and will include workshops, films and gatherings focusing on those who self-identify as transgender and genderqueer, and educating those in the non-trans community, the LGBTQA said.

[MN, USA] [News/Events]
Transgender media specialist to tell her story
One Friday in 1998, a media specialist left work at Minneapolis' Southwest High School as a man, and returned the following Monday as a woman – Debra Davis. She remained in her position as media specialist for three years until deciding to work full time for the Gender Education Center.

[CA,USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
To Be a Man in America
Can you imagine a state where a girl is allowed to use the boys' lavatory and compete to become prom king? If you imagined California, you are correct.

Equity Policy Expanded to Include Transgender People
Everyday life can pose specific stressors for transgender people - whether it's checking off boxes on medical forms, finding a unisex bathroom, or simply dealing with awkward reactions from other people.