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segunda-feira, abril 23, 2007

Transsexual becomes first to stand at Spanish election
Retired school teacher, Kim Pérez (archive photo, 2002), has become the first transsexual woman to stand for election in Spain.

Venerdì 20 aprile, dalle ore 22, INCONTRO/FESTA al Gender di via Faleria a Roma che nel 1998 è stato insieme al Degrado il luogo dove è partito il movimento transgender in Italia.

Il "Family day" si preannuncia come la manifestazione più ostile verso la comunità gay, lesbica e transessuale che rischia di trascinare l'Italia verso una "deriva polacca", omofoba, misogina e populista, perpetrata dalla Lega delle famiglie polacche e dall'emittente cattolica "Radio Maryia" con il sostegno del presidente ultraconservatore Lech Kaczynski.

Avez-vous déjà eu peur d'aller aux toilettes?
Pour la plupart, vous ne vous êtes sûrement jamais posé la question, et pourtant, pour ceux et celles dont l'identité de genre ne saute pas aux yeux, le simple fait de se retrouver devant la fameuse petite demoiselle en robe et le petit monsieur en pantalon peut créer une angoisse telle que certaines personnes refuseront simplement de soulager leur vessie par peur de violence verbale, psychologique et même physique.

Distress over Ukraine's Eurovision Entry
Ukrainian nationalists are protesting the nation's official entry in the Eurovision Song Contest – a single by drag queen Verka Serdyuchka.

Sex swap Para to sue after Army withdraws £45,000-a-year post
The first transsexual officer in the Armed Forces has been fired and is taking legal action against her employers for sexual discrimination.
Photo: Transformation: Captain Ian Hamilton is now Jan
Transsexual officer suing British military
The British military's first transsexual officer is suing for sexual discrimination after having her army position withdrawn this month.

He's Gavin' A Laugh
MR Miss World was a truly touching and downright wet-your-pants funny film about the world's biggest transsexual beauty contest.

Pageant where the prettiest flock to
A TELEVISION spectacle that is watched by millions of viewers across Asia, the Miss Tiffany's Universe beauty contest, has come a long way since its inception 10 years ago.

Not ashamed of her sexuality
"My parents thought I was automatically a girl judging by my genitals. But I later adopted the name Viktor because I am transsexual. I am not bound to masculine or feminine expressions and roles of gender," says Juliet Viktor Mukasa.
Photo: LEVEL HEADED: Victor is a homosexual and isn’t apologetic about it. E.A Standard photo

[New Zealand]
NZ transgender cop 'an ordinary woman'
Three weeks ago, Constable Steve Lurajud, had gender-reassignment surgery in Phuket, Thailand, and will return to the Christchurch police next month as Constable Sarah Lurajud – New Zealand's first post-operative transgender cop.
Sex-change cop was a macho man
As Constable Steve Lurajud, he was a macho-man cop with a bushy moustache and a No1 haircut who once risked his life to pull a pensioner from a burning building.

Eunuch 'ties the knot' in Jharkhand
'Husband' Dilip, whose father is an employee of Tata Steel, said: 'Love means marriage and we decided to go for it without considering what society will think about us. We also chose a safe venue for the marriage to prevent any untoward incident during the function.'

[USA] [Commentary/ Health/Medicine]
Pathologies of the Diagnostic Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders
Pathologizing people who are dissimilar as mentally ill gives unreasonable and unprecedented power to those who chose conformity. Interestingly the real illness is often not experienced by the person who is living their life as they see fit, but rather the person who fears someone who is brave enough to live life as they see fit. Many mental illnesses are figments of our vivid imagination. Labeling choices and behaviors as disorders only causes harm in the long run. Choice and behavior is relative to the differences in human beings, their nature, their intelligence, and their personalities rather than mental illness.

[USA] [Commentary]
What's In a Name?
Over the last year or so, I’ve watched as a new term – Harry Benjamin Syndrome – has grown in popularity.

[USA] [News/Documentary/Television]
'Born in the Wrong Body'
Transgender youth share their stories in an MSNBC documentary

Brittany A. DeLoach
Brittany A. DeLoach, a trans activist who was outspoken in her criticism of Philadelphia police, died of a massive heart attack at her Northeast Philadelphia home on April 15. She was 31.
Photo: Brittany A. DeLoach & her daughter Brittany Khadija NyVera DeLoach

[FL,USA] [Letters to Editor]
Job applicants' gender identity shouldn't matter
I have enjoyed living here for more than three years. I moved here from New York City and see that Sarasota is becoming its own city with its own personality. I hope that a person's gender preference will not get into the consideration of one's qualifications for employment. If we as Americans can carry guns with little to no background checks, why should we get involved with someone's gender choice?