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sábado, abril 14, 2007

[South Korea]
Transgender Star and Fiancé Pose for Wedding Photos
Transgender star Harisu and her fiancé Micky Jung took wedding photos at a studio in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul, on Thursday, ahead of their wedding ceremony on May 19. Harisu looked radiant and smiled brightly in her white wedding dress.
Photo: The transgender celebrity Harisu poses with groom Micky Jung for their wedding photo at a studio in Nonhyundong, Seoul on Thursday. The couple tie the knot on May 19./Yonhap

Gender identity disorder Novelist Masae Torai lectures at Rikkyo University
Novelist Masae Torai, who changed gender to a male after disclosing that he has gender identity disorder (GID), has begun lecturing at Rikkyo University in Tokyo as a part-time instructor.

Fired Fla. transsexual takes case to TV
A city manager fired after revealing his sex change plans taped a segment Thursday night for CNN rather than appearing live on the network as was previously scheduled, said a spokeswoman for a nonprofit group representing him.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Standing Up Against Hate Crimes
Excerpt: The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act would take a needed step to protect transgender Americans by allowing the FBI to gather statistics about the number of crimes motivated by bias against an individual's gender identity and also to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

Transsexual pleads guilty to threatening prosecutors
A transsexual convicted in the castration death of her husband pleaded guilty to threatening prosecutors and spitting on a state trooper.

Trans woman leaving longtime job because of bad treatment, she says
After 16 years of employment with the Free Library of Philadelphia, transgender woman Bobbie E. Burnett is ready to close this chapter of her work life.
It's not because she doesn't enjoy the work, she said; it's some of her coworkers and managers she can no longer bear.
BOOKING OUT OF THERE: Bobbie Burnett (left) is quitting her job at the Free Library of Philadelphia after 16 years because of alleged bad treatment from coworkers and managers due to her transgender status. Her attorney, Kristine Holt, is also transgender. Photo: Timothy Cwiek

[PA, USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
IFGE Transgender 2007 Conference
This time last year I was making a little history at the IFGE Transgender 2006 event in Philadelphia. I became the third African-American transperson to receive a Trinity, the second highest award for service our community gives.

PGN appeals Morris tape denial
PGN has appealed the city's decision to deny its request for the full 911 tape of the police ride given to homicide victim Nizah Morris.

"Accidental" Death Disputed
Advocates for slain trans woman Erica Keel are criticizing a decision by city officials to classify her death as an accident. They're convinced Keel was the victim of a vicious hate crime and that the driver is getting away with murder.

[MN, USA] [Books/Events]
GLBT: The “T” Is Not Silent
A person can be gender nonconforming in many ways. Some of us feel we have been assigned the wrong gender, while others don't think gender applies at all.
Photo: Paisley Currah