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quarta-feira, abril 11, 2007

Julio, 1er transsexuel espagnol qui change d'état civil sans opération
Julio Cuesta, né femme, a obtenu mardi matin le changement de son état civil, devenant le premier transsexuel espagnol a changer juridiquement d'identité sans passer par une opération chirurgicale, a-t-on appris auprès du collectif homosexuel Lambda.
First transsexual to change sex without op
Julio Cuesta is the first transsexual to officially change sex without undergoing an operation under a new law.

Gender reassignment conference to be held in Norwich
An international conference will be held at the University of East Anglia in June on trans issues.

British transsexual causes stir at Indian temple
A British transsexual has angered local eunuchs at a Hindu temple in north India because she monopolized the donations given by devotees seeking the eunuchs' blessing, media reports said.

Transsexualität: Kims Kindheit im falschen Körper
Kim ist 14 Jahre alt und ein ganz normales Mädchen.

[USA] [News/Sports]
Race driver risks all for longtime dream
Excerpt: In 1992, veteran professional racer James Terrell Hayes had sexual reassignment surgery and became Terri O'Connell. Afterward, she continued to race and became a spokeswoman for transgender issues. ... ''You've got to look at the target audience. In all of sports, target audience is stereotypically not very open to homosexuality, '' says Cyd Ziegler, co-founder of, a website for gay athletes. 'Ask the average person and they'd say`Yes, car racing is a macho sport.' . . . There is some kind of persona to car racing. That goes to cars. Cars are manly guy things.''

[VA, USA] [News/People]
Transgender opera singer settles into new identity
The night before a recital, Tona Brown stands facing her best friend and vocal coach.
Photo: Tona Brown at a recital. DELORES JOHNSON / THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT

Not running from her past
Pam Bennett marched into a meeting with a local newspaper editor last month and announced, "As you know, I'm not the girl next door." It's a line that has served Aurora's first-ever openly transgender City Council candidate well in the four years since she started living life as a woman. She expects to use it often between now and November's city election.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Bobbie Ritacco's Death
Yesterday morning I received an email notifying me that Bobbie Ritacco had committed suicide. Bobbie was the president of the GIC (Gender Identity Center of Colorado) for a couple years before the current board took over. We often battled over the issue of whether Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illness or not. We also disagreed on the idea of having suicide prevention counseling available through the GIC. I guess her recent actions have proven my side on these issues. I hate being proven right. I want to be right based on the strength of my arguments. I don't want to be right like this. I don't want people to die because I couldn't persuade crazy people to seek help. I'm sad.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Gender Confusion- An American Epidemic
For the past year, I have felt that there is a serious epidemic amongst our youth (ages 13-24). This epidemic being Gender Confusion. I have seen more girls dressed as boys and "exaggerated" feminine boys. Some people believe that there is an increase in young gay people being outward with their sexuality. I on the other hand would argue that our youth are confused and acting out this confusion in the way they dress and present themselves to the public. These young people have yet to define their sexuality- they are not gay, they are confused about their Gender Identity!

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Trans not on board(s)
Most gay and lesbian organizations have become LGBT organizations in recent years. If their missions now include transgender people, why don't their boards?