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quinta-feira, abril 05, 2007

Employers challenged over trans policies
A leading gender charity has criticised employers for rarely giving much thought to how difficult a gender transition can be for their employees.

America's Next Top Tranny?
Why would Felicia Fellatio, a 6'7" transvestite from Trashville, USA, get up at 5 a.m. on March 20 and wing it down to the Serramonte Center in Daly City to audition for America's Next Top Model?

Local Gay Club Allegedly Turns Away Trans Individuals
A trans individual, accompanied by two other trans friends, were allegedly denied entrance to a suburban gay bar, but the nightspot's owner says it was supposedly due to a specific incident that night that required the nightclub to be strict with regards to identification, and trans individuals and those in drag will never be turned away again.

Arrest warrant reveals details of man's death
Anthony Rogers, captured by police Monday in one of the city's biggest manhunts ever, shot cross-dressing college student Ricky Lee Blakes to death in 2004 after Blakes offered him sex on a South Norwalk street corner, a murder arrest warrant for Rogers said.

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The whole truth about the Stanton story
The Rev. Charlie Martin is senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks, one of the biggest churches in the county. He said on television recently that I and the St. Petersburg Times were "incahoots" with now-former Largo City Manager Steve Stanton about his plans for a sex change.