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terça-feira, março 27, 2007

Ni perversion, ni déviance
Changer de sexe n’a rien à voir avec la déviance, encore moins avec un caprice. Les personnes entamant un tel cheminement présentent au contraire une souffrance profonde, touchant à ce qu’elles ont de plus intime.

Savage blames sexual reassignment surgery for Columbine massacre
On the March 23 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage continued to discuss a March 20 report in the San Francisco Chronicle detailing the murder of a transgender woman whose body was found naked near a freeway outside San Francisco.

Drag Club Battle Of Sexes Suit
A man claims a female employee of gender-bending restaurant Lucky Cheng's roughed him up, and he now wants the East Village eatery to pay up.

[USA] [Health/Medicine]
Study describes how estradiol helps to maintain bone density
Researchers at the University at Buffalo have described a novel pathway by which estradiol, the primary estrogen in humans, aids in maintaining bone density, a function critical to avoiding osteoporosis.

Largo Official Defends Firing Of Stanton
One of five commissioners who voted to fire a transsexual city manager said his management style, not his lifestyle, led to the dismissal.
[Blogs/Commentary] Stanton v. Largo: A Lying, Disruptive, Attention-Seeking Bully?
I'm surprised I haven't seen many comments about the Stanton case here at transadvocate. com. I mean, there's a media frenzy on trans issues for the first time since, well, I don't know, Christine Jorgensen.
[Blogs/Law/Commentary] Stanton v. Largo: Text, Subtext and Pretext
My previous posts on the Stanton case analyzed in detail the law governing the question of whether transsexuality is a protected category, concluding that it is.